Saturday, January 24, 2015

New AJ Intro!

Hey Jammers! There have been screenshots of the new Jamaa introduction going around, as you probably know. While at first I was reluctant to add another account to my already too-big collection of side users, I decided that taking another blog's screenshots would be lazy even if I credited them. So I have a bunch of original screenshots and info about the new introduction!

But before we get to that of course, we need to talk about the new item!

...Not that there's really anything to talk about with the new item. I think by now we've all accepted AJHQ's all-too-wacky imagination. Giant magnets, sewer covers that don't lead anywhere... it all makes perfect sense to the almighty Animal Jam Headquarters.

But anyway, the new item is sold in Jam Mart Clothing:

The Heart Cape! It looks more like a warm blanket than a real cape, though. I want a warm blanket...

UPDATE: I got one.

Anyway, now onto screenshots of the intro that you so desire!

I gotta point out that the intro is pretty fast paced so there wasn't much time to take screenshots. But I did anyway!

Once you arrive in the mystical world of Jamaa, you're greeted not by Liza– but the bunny alpha, Peck! She has a voice, yes, and it sounds very mechanically happy. Like a very experienced voice actor on a children's show about magical ponies. Hmm...

You're welcomed by a big group of brightly dressed animals, all excited to see you! Yes, you! Don't you feel special? Well don't feel special for too long because they're all robots. Brightly dressed robots who don't actually care about anything. Moving on...

Peck is all about the arts and crafts, as you know. So she just wants to jump right in with personalizing your new avatar. (Get it? She's a bunny so she jumps a lot? What an amazing joke. Laugh now.)

Everyone seems to love the new me, apparently. Even though everyone is silent except for the pink and purple wolf and the otter with the cone of shame taking his sunglasses off. Maybe everyone else is just jealous of my wolf's beauty...

Next, Peck asks you to use an emoticon to describe how you feel about you're new look.

Peck just gets me.

 Next, you're given some gems! You open up a treasure box and it says you get 1,500 gems. But apparently, you started out with 1,000 already!

And this is when you follow Peck down the path to Jamaa.

I closed my browser before I got to Jamaa in the slim hopes that everything could be undone. But I found out that yeah, I can still log in and once I log in the intro repeats once more. So this new user could be my intro-testing user! It's useful for something now.

That's all for now, Jammers,
see you in Jamaa!

– DoomyPanda 

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