Thursday, January 8, 2015

Pet Pandas & Symbolic Adoptions

Hey Jammers! I'm so so sorry I was late today. I forgot that I had my after school writing club that goes until 4:15 and AFTER that a doctors appointment. /).(\

So before I start ranting, lets try to er, forgive me and continue with the post...

As suspected, the Thursday biweekly update has now turned into a Thursday triweekly update and will undoubtedly continue like that from now on. This won't mean quick updates, but it will mean that AJHQ will have more time to add to the quality of them. 

This update contains: a poll, a new pet, a new initiative, a new party, and a new animal. Thats a whole ton for just one update! We should be seeing more of these in the future, what with giving AJHQ more time to prepare and all that jazz. 

(NOTE: I'm going to be talking about the pandas a TON, as well as the panda that AJHQ is going to adopt. You have been forewarned.)

So lets get to the stuff!

The new pet pandas that were leaked a couple of months ago have finally come out! There's a ton of customization with them now– you can have a panda with a double bun hairstyle (pictured above), a panda with a mohawk, or you could keep it simple and just give them a tiny cowlick. More room for accessories that way!

But what makes the pet pandas unique is that each adoption matters for something bigger! 

...Figuratively. AJHQ doesn't really need 50,000 panda pets to be adopted unless there's some secret bet they have with a local zoo, but that's unlikely. They don't really get anything out of you spending diamonds on a panda pet, BUT these pandas are so cute that they'll probably get a few jammers to switch over to a membership, thus giving real money to AJHQ, thus giving AJHQ enough to adopt this panda? I'm pretty sure AJHQ already has a ton of money, judging by AJ's popularity, but I don't know enough on the subject to verify that.

You're probably curious how "adopting a panda" will work because AJHQ has barely said a word about it on their blog. I seriously doubt AJHQ will have the panda their own habitat, because if that were the case then the Chinese government would have to get involved because every single giant panda is "owned" and protected by China. It's their homeland!

Anyway, I did a little research and found some "symbolic adoption" programs that anyone can apply for! Yes, even you! A whole ton of zoos in America do this. Here's an example from the Houston Zoo:

Click on the images above to enlarge them!

It's incredibly simple: You donate an amount/s of money to the animal you click shown in the pictures, you receive some rewards, but most importantly, the money you donate goes toward that animal's food and habitat! 

Think of it this way: a living being costs money, time, and love to be taken care of. A red panda or a tiger is no different from any person in that regard, they need tons of care and love! Any human does, too. 

But keeping endangered animals in zoos– keeping them safe from hunters and environmental decline isn't the final step. The final step comes after a sort of rehabilitation of the species; helping them produce more offspring, helping their population climb so they aren't endangered anymore and can live in the wild again! Donations such as this help that process greatly.

I'm really happy AJHQ is doing this. :D

In other panda-related news, something (slightly) infuriating happened on the Daily Explorer today...

This is a video posted of the panda Bao Bao rolling around in the snow and having a blast. But one thing... Bao Bao is a girl. AJHQ referred to her as "he." GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT AJHQ!!!

Finally, onto the rest of the update:

There's a bouncy house party! The bouncy house used to be a test/glitch item a while ago, actually. Moving on...

I like the paint studio the best, personally. It's definitely the prettiest and most colorful!

And now, the new animal:

An owl! I seriously hope these turn out to be nonmember, but judging on AJHQ's patterns, if they ever become nonmember it definitely won't be immediate.

No new items today. Kind of strange, but this could also be part of AJHQ's new updating schedule. If so, I'm fine with it! :)

Now, finally *sigh of relief* I'm going to close up this post for tonight.

That's all for now Jammers...

See y'all in Jamaa!

– DoomyPanda


  1. For my birthday I might adopt.... (drums) A SNOW LEOPARD!


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