Thursday, January 29, 2015

Special Delivery Walkthrough + Tips

Hey Jammers! Though I'm pretty late, here I am as promised with a quick walkthrough of this new Friendship Festival themed adventure. This walkthrough will include tips, locations of chests, and other fun stuff. If I'm missing anything, please please please comment!

You start off in a small snowy clearing surrounded by pine trees and bushes. It's a typical Winter scene... except the bushes are sprouting beating human hearts!

Haha, just kidding. I know that's disgusting, I'm sorry. I got a little sick myself, if that makes you feel any better. 

But there are hearts on the bushes! Just not the real kind, thank goodness.

Rose the owl is apparently the deliverer of all Valentines– but this time there are just too many for their little wings to carry! So yeah, if you're not a jerk you'll help out.

Click the paw print button on open empty mailboxes to give one Valentine. :)

There are three batches of Valentines for you to give out: the first one is 30 Valentines, the second one is 35 Valentines, and the third one is 40. After you've given out an entire batch, you get a gift! If you're member you get the choice of two.

As for the prizes, just look around the map. Pretty much everything there that you don't recognize is a prize– and more! There are clothing prizes too, only it seems that all of them are member. My brother played the adventure a bunch of times and all the clothing items he got were member items recolored lavender and pink. As for the prizes he got, they were a lavender/pink mustache and a lavender/pink mask. They might not be too rare later on, but you never know! 

Just like the other seasonal adventures, there are areas you need four players to get into. Or more specifically, there's just one!

The gate leads to a chest giving you a random nonmember item. It most likely won't be rare at all– all I got was a necklace!

"Treasure" Found

There are two other chests on the map, but their placements are never the same for each server.

Right here, this one is completely out of reach unless you have an eagle:

In conclusion, this is really easy compared to Bitter Sweets or Jamaaliday Rescue. That's in part because there's no maze-like layout to the map– everything's pretty simple, it's just a big giant heart! There aren't the obstacles that come with mazes, it's almost a straight shot. There's also no center to break into, so that makes it easier. 

But there are some things that can go wrong. For one, I got pretty distracted by finding the four-player gates and missed a single mailbox, which entailed that I needed to search the entire map all over again for a single mailbox

So I hope you see how tedious that can get and listen to this one piece of advice: save finding the chests and four-player gate for the end. Keep your map open and as you go through it click every mailbox you can.

And just a warning: once you're down to 3 or 2 Valentines left in your last batch, you shouldn't give up. Just scan over the areas you already were in– unless you tried really extra hard, you've probably overlooked a few mailboxes.

That's all for now,
happy adventuring!

– DoomyPanda


  1. I think this is really helpful and I'd like to thank you for creating this page, however, I am having trouble finding the last Valentine Mailbox, I have also noticed a lot of other Jammers talking about how they couldn't find it either, it would be really helpful if someone could give me a tip on finding it, thanks! -Lostwolf13 :)

    1. I talked a bit about how to find the last few mailboxes in my more recent post on Special Delivery. This one's from 2015, so it may be a little out of date!

      Here's a tip. Always keep your map open, and be organized from the start. For example, I like to outline the map, filling mailboxes along the way, then I fill it in one half at a time. You gotta be organized if you want it to be easy! Go into every little corner in an organized fashion and collect as many as you can find. Double check, too!

      It's a little tedious at first, but it will really ease the difficulty in finding the last mailbox. :)

  2. Please, can you show all of the empty mailboxes location? SO that i can find THE LAST EMPTY MAILBOX

    1. That's kinda... downright impossible, don'tcha think? ^_^"

  3. I cant find the last one either. Plzz help.

  4. I am getting a little mad!

    1. It's best to do things organized with Special Delivery so you don't miss any mailboxes. As you go through the paths, keep your map open and try to search for every single mailbox in each area. If by chance you end up missing the last one, scan through the whole map until you find it.


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