Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Chat Filter Must Be STOPPED :D

Hey Jammers! The new item of today is sold in the Hot Cocoa Hut, Mt. Shiveer.

When was the last time we had a new nonmember clothing item, not counting the Rare Item Monday? I can't even remember. Still, these boots are kind of cute... but also kind of weird looking. Anyway...

Something really irritating has been happening a lot with the chat filter. For me at least, because some people can even type symbols without a problem:

Ok, so I think I should tell you what this glitch actually entails (if it is a glitch): You can't say ":D" or ":(" after things, you can only use them on their own. 

I'm actually pretty sure that this is a glitch, now that I think about it because only some players experience it. For example, my storage account can say "Hey :D" just fine while my main account can't. I get the red "Inappropriate Chat" message if I try.


It could have something to do with the fact that my account was suspended yesterday, but I couldn't say "Trade me please :D" a few days before though. (And if ya wanna here what I did to get suspended: Long story short I slammed the key board accidentally and "8tch" came up which got me automatically suspended. Oops.)

But it isn't just me who's experiencing grief with the chat filter– it's making chat awfully difficult! Even though certain random letters typed on their own are censored to prevent slipping past the system with "one letter at a time" speak, whats so bad about typing past a period? Whats so bad about quotation marks? Why does typing have to be a chore? 

Besides, this system is so glitchy that it's not even worth it to keep this awful chat filter. 

But what do you think? Where do you stand?

– DoomyPanda


  1. I think that they just keep making the chat filter worse and worse. It used to only be a glitch where you could type in a "%" symbol but it wouldn't come up on your chat, but now you can hardly type in anything without AJHQ censoring for no bleeding reason! It's difficult to have a normal conversation without AJHQ blocking every other sentence you say and you spend forever trying to figure out why they even blocked it, and so you both just sit in silence not saying a bleeding thing to each other because AJHQ keeps yelling at you and ayugh it's terrible.

    It's like if you're playing Pokemon, and you legit _need_ to ride that bike, but all you get out of selecting "use bike" is the Professor yelling at you "Hey, now is not the time to use that!", but in fact, it is.



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