Wednesday, July 29, 2015

New Building Adventure?

Hey Jammers! Second daily post of the week, woohoo! :D

I've got some pretty great stuff for you today but beforehand I have an announcement/clarification/whatever for people who live in Europe and look at this blog. There's this new thing with Blogger where every blog now automatically displays a notice saying something like "This blog collects cookies, do you consent, yadda yadda yadda..." 

If you know what cookies are, you'll know that in essence they're completely harmless and unless in special circumstances don't give anyone specific access to your history/data/etc.

Because I'm pretty sure the majority of people who read this blog are kids and may or may not know what cookies are, I'm telling you that if you're worried because you've never seen the notification at the top of my blog before, it's okay! Everything's harmless, just click "Okay, got it" and it won't show up again or give me access to anything. ^^

(It's okay, I only learned what cookies were in 7th grade.)

If you're more curious about cookies, I'd suggest you look them up because I don't want to make this post all about them, k. 

• • •

Now onto actual Jamaa news...

This is an item very similar looking to the Nonmember Bicycle. It looks to be in the same "series" as it but to be honest I've never seen it before! And now it's being released just after a completely unrelated item, the Water Pump. Weird.

My friend– who because they didn't make it, doesn't really want their name out right now –emailed me a video on YouTube made by someone called TheOneAndOnlySomething. I'm not sure if that's also their AJ username, so if you know their name please comment. 

(Okay, I hope the video is inserted and works properly. Tell me if it isn't.)

It's only a minute and 25 seconds, but I'll include screenshots of the important parts for people who can't watch this video.

This first part of the video is some images "from AJ's files" *cough* not sure if that's hacking or not *cough* that seem very much to be a part of an Adventure that may come up in the near future. Here are all of those images:

Item 1: a tree branch
Item 2: a shiny looking rock (probably silver)
Item 3: gold
Item 4: either a crystal or a diamond fragment
Item 5: A slightly cube-like rock
Item 6: A bundle of wheat
Item 7: bamboo

The images look like things that could appear in the top bar of an adventure for things you've collected. 

I'm wondering what type of adventure would require you to collect natural materials... One guess I have is a building adventure where you use the resources you collect to build things, kind of like Minecraft. That stone is also kind of cube-shaped, too, so it looks like something you could potentially build with. Maybe this adventure could feature the Graham because he builds things a lot? 

What would that be like? I'm so excited! :D

Now the next part of the video– two future small adjustments to the game:

Thank you, TheOneAndOnlySomething for your video! :D

Comment what you think about this... would a building adventure be possible? What do you think the new animal will be, if any? And how do you feel about the possible new game interface? Comment!

Speaking of comments...

• • •

I think I'm going to stop moderating comments so it's easier for you to post them! I did this a while ago and while it did get out of hand with some swearing, I think I'm up for another round. 

If anyone's against this and don't want to see swearing or anything like that, I won't do it. :)

– DoomyPanda

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  1. I knew you were gonna mention Minecraft X3
    Also, I feel like AJ is getting out of hand with promoting membership (they probably started getting out of hand a while ago but oh well). I've noticed that very common non-member items are being removed from stores, such as the regular tree, and now bookshelves and lawn chairs. These items are pretty vital to new jammers. Most/all of the new items being brought into stores currently are for members only, now. The items aren't particularly special in any way, like the scooter and the water pump. It's really bugging me. I feel like AJ HQ is making the game harder to play without membership on purpose, and they're just going to keep getting rid of non-member features until the only thing you can do is get a free 3-day trial or something. I'm probably completely wrong, but only AJ HQ knows. :T


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