Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Water Pump

Hey Jammers! I'm recovering okay, but I'll have to say that daily posting will actually be spotty and more difficult for me while I'm in crutches. I'm not actually as I said going to be "glued to my computer", but more or less glued to my bed instead. My computer is in the other room, I hurt, etc... :\

But in like a couple weeks I'll be fine to post daily! It's just hard to right now. I'll try my best, but yeah...

Anyway, the new item of today is one that I actually like a lot, despite it being member's only: the water pump! ^^

If you click on the handle it pours water into the bucket. I wish I could buy this so bad. :\

I'm sorry I don't have much else to say today because my leg is hurting and I need to go to sleep, but I'll try my absolute best to keep posting daily through my recovery even though it will be less than my normal quality. I still love this blog!!! I'm not dead!!! 

So, that's all for now! See you in Jamaa~ :)

– DoomyPanda

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