Monday, August 17, 2015

Gallery + Glitched Bunny

Hey Jammers, I'm back from my short trip! WiFi, sweet WiFi...

When I logged on this morning I was greeted by the most beautiful thing:


This is the second time I got art into the gallery– the first being on my other account, Quintanna. That one was a watercolor I did for a summer-themed Jam-a-Gram contest. Sadly though, I went through all 20000000 pages of today's gallery and it wasn't there. Since I was offline all weekend it must have been displayed then!

But that's only a minor inconvenience, because I already took screenshots!!!

I drew this a few weeks ago with a mouse for the Back to School contest, so it's not that great. My panda's waaaaaay too skinny and my wolf is just a disaster, but what matters is that I got in!!! I wonder if now that I got an artist's plaque I can't get into the gallery again. I hope not... D:

Because it's Monday, today's new item is actually a rare one! It's sold in an area forgotten by what seems like everyone but myself. Hint: I go there every morning to donate gems.

Previously called the animal museum, this room contains a gem donator box frequented by– you guessed it! –me. You can donate gems to one of three endangered big cats at this box, but if you like you could save your gems for a cute animal hat to show your support in a different way. Today's item; the Rare Bunny Hat, is a cool item you can use to cosplay someone who put on a regular bunny hat and fell into a swamp! 

But snatch it up quick because tomorrow it'll be gone! Gone, and plaguing us no more... 

On a slightly more personal note, while taking pictures of the new item I met a Spring Bunny with no visible eyes:


That's all for now, Jammers! Don't forget to enter in my rare item raffle and I'll see you in Jamaa! DoomyPanda, signing off...


  1. It's not a glitched bunny there is a glitch to make your eyes disappear.

  2. Actually, you can be in the gallery multiple times! :D
    I may or may not know this because I spam AJHQ with art...

    ~Goshenite <3

  3. I have been featured in the gallery over 4 times, so you're good.
    I have literally about 26 howl plaques, too, for my many howls that I've submitted over the years. I've been playing since beta after all.

  4. Cool drawing! The panda is soo cute! ;) I don't know how to draw like that. You have such a cool talent for drawing!! :D

    1. -lostfairy
      P.S. I keep forgetting my name at the end!!! XD


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