Thursday, August 13, 2015

Summer Giveaway Raffle!

Hey Jammers! This is my second post of today so if you haven't read the first one already, click here!

Today I checked in on my storage's clothing inventory and discovered that I have a load of small rares! Which would be great for me, but the thing is, I have far more than I'd like! So what better way to get rid of stuff than to have a giveaway right here on Animal Jam Stream?

I'll be giving away six small rares for this raffle that will go to three different winners. I'll admit they aren't anything like spiked collars or Mira statues, but I hope you still like them regardless of their lack of Beta-status!

How to Enter: Comment your Animal Jam username on this post and I will write it down on a slip of paper and put it into a bucket. If you want to double your chance of winning an item, add into your comment one thing you did that day to make someone smile. If you do that, I'll write your username onto two slips of paper. Easy!

This raffle will end and the winners will be announced on August 20th, 2015. On that day I will draw three usernames from the bucket randomly and the first one I draw will be first place, the second will be second place, and the third one drawn will be third place. 

Here's what you could win:

First place prize – one Rare Fox Hat and one Rare Friendship Mask!

Second place prize – one pair of Rare Scary Bat Wings and one pair of Rare Friendship Bands!

Third place prize – two Rare Pink Purses!

Some additional rules are that you can only enter once. If you want your username written twice, then read the rules again!

You also can't enter using multiple accounts, sorry!

Something else you should know is that a single person can't win multiple places. If someone wins first place and then wins second place, they'll get the first place prize but someone else will be drawn for second place. Gotta keep it fair! :P

Again, this raffle will be over on August 20th of this summer. Good luck to everyone! :D


  1. Username: Violet86271
    Something nice that made someone smile: I made my mom a salad for lunch

  2. username: jammer0gmy2
    hmm... something that made someone smile... i showed my friend an awesome Brain Games trick that she could use on her brothers, i showed her with my pencil and after we both laughed! it was great!

  3. User: 3711
    Hmm . . . once I was on this advisory group trip and after the guys read scary storie one of the younger kids started to get freaked out so I started telling her weird fairy tales with modern twists, like Little Red Riding Hood!

  4. Username: Arcticpenguinii
    When everyone was nice to me after I broke an and a leg

  5. User: Goshenite
    I helped my mom clean the house o3o It's not much, but oh well

  6. Oh! How sweet of you to give unwanted rates away! You really are so kind, Panda!

    Username: Veterinariann

    I went up and did the chickens (I live on a small farm) for my mom, so she could sleep in (last week)! We usually get up earlier to take care of them.


    1. Argh! I meant *rares.


    2. User: mrpiggypie
      Gave my mom breakfast in bed

  7. My user is elliebook, and I was in a play last week and invited my friend since she really wanted to go. I helped her by giving the time,cost,and helped her in other ways. :)

  8. Cool, Ill join! My username is 113457. I don't really know what I did to make someone smile, so... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  9. Username: Carrot80948
    AHH so many comments XD

  10. username: derpderp55

    What I did to make someone smile was telling my best friend jokes after her mother moved out. :)

  11. username: vampire3434

    My friend was sick today, but I brought over some of his favourite movies to come and watch with him.

  12. Username: Catlover3900

    Something that made someone smile: My best friend was having girl problems so I Skyped him and made him laugh by telling him jokes and reenacting scenes from our favorite movie c:

  13. Username: lostfairy
    What I did to make someone smile today: I jumped into my sister's bed and we talked and joked for a while. That made her smile! :)

    Btw, thanks Doomy for this amazing blog! ;) I will check back often and thanks for becoming my buddy on AJ!

  14. User:Waffles47113
    Gifted someone a black long


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