Thursday, November 5, 2015

Arctic Foxes on the Moon

Hey Jammers! I've been really busy with schoolwork lately, midterm projects and other boring stuff. I take little breaks off of posting to get my stuff done early so it doesn't build up and I can save a time to make bigger posts for y'all.

Today's post is certainly big. Thursday is update day, of course!

November's much-beloved seasonal labyrinth has returned for one and all to enjoy and get lost in. Explore the apple orchard, the secret society of sunflowers, the corn, and don't forget to stop for donuts along the way!

Expect a very helpful strategy guide tomorrow! 

Good news for AJ members: now you can store all 300 of your spike collars on one account!

Meanwhile, it's official: arctic foxes have been confirmed as the next new animal! Let's all welcome Vulpes lagopus to Jamaa!

I'm guessing bats as the new animal will happen a little later, or perhaps not at all. I can't imagine how they'd pull it off!

Scroll down a little to understand why I made the title what it is...

Go check out the new Astronomy Shop in Sol Arcade! Here's what they currently have for sale:

I've always loved AJ's mystical starry items and rooms. Think the top floor of the Chamber of Knowledge. 

I hope we'll get a (nonmember!) blanket that looks like a starry sky. I would snap that up so quick that the entire game would glitch.

Speaking of nonmember, look what just got its availability changed back:

If you're interested, go grab it before it disappears!

Last of the Jamaa Journal, here's an ad:

Thanks for reading this far, guys! Aside from the Astronomy Shop, here are the new items:

I love that planter so much! You'd think it would be in Treetop Gardens, but it's actually sold in Jam Mart Furniture. Confusing!

Respectively, the turkey hat is sold in Jam Mart Furniture. Pay a visit to Jamaa Township's sister shops for the new Feast of Thanks items~

Speaking of the Feast of Thanks, the loading screens changed!

I love them, they're just so adorable and warm! Now I want blueberry pie lol

• • • •

With the passing of October, the phantoms have packed their bags full of evil and left Jamaa– for now. 

Jamaa is clear of the phantoms' miasma, allowing pumpkins to be harvested and set out all around Jamaa for Jammers to stare at. At least I think that's where they're all coming from, right? I hope the pumpkin-zombie apocalypse isn't upon us... That would be bad...

That's all for now, Jammers. Expect a post all about the newest adventure "Twists and Turns" tomorrow!

– DoomyPanda

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  1. In the clothing item thing, am I the only one who noticed the item thing? (its when you click sort by) Or has that always been there????? Im confus.


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