Saturday, November 7, 2015

Unreleased Items + Graham's Disappearance?

Hey Jammers! The new item of today is sold in the Astronomy Shop, located in Sol Arcade:

I really love that tapestry. I really love tapestry items in general, actually! Animal Jam needs more of those.

In other news, have you seen that Graham's Workshop has been removed from the party list?

I remember when Graham said something like "Graham's Workshop is updated frequently, so check back soon!" despite there having been no change since its release. 

Well, it was updated to make getting bamboo and wheat easier, but there were no changes to what items you could craft. Either way, it seems like saying "Graham's Workshop is updated frequently" is just to get you to come back again and again. Kind of dishonest, in my opinion. :\

Some unreleased items have been spotted in AJHQ's new Fantasy Castle on the Epic Dens list!

Some unreleased plushies, plants, and instruments have been spotted in this den! Here are all the ones I've seen:

The plushies are definitely unreleased, along with the violin and barn, but I'm a little unsure about the plants and horseshoes. Can someone with a little more knowledge of items help me out?

That's all for now, Jammers. See you in Jamaa!


  1. I can't wait for the plushies! I think aj should of told us that Graham's workshop was leaving though, I mean I never did the adventure so I didn't get 1 item from it. Or did I? I think maybe one and that's kt

    1. i think ajhq is just too lazy to add another page to the jamaa journal

  2. Maybe the farm items are pet items since it's super tiny

  3. i want the violin to come out today lol i like it bcuz Lindsey Sirling inspired meh O.O


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