Monday, December 21, 2015

Rare Candy Cane Socks

Hey Jammers! This post will be shorter than normal because I just finished working on a school project for seven hours with no breaks. Probably not the best idea to wait for the last minute, haha...

By now, you've probably noticed that this blog has been looking a little wonky as of late. The reason for this is that I decided I wanted a more Jamaaliday-themed background, and you know how I am about backgrounds. I get soooo picky that it takes a whole day to choose just one, and it doesn't end up looking okay until later. 

This is one of those cases. The starry background is temporary, just FYI! (Unless you like it, of course) 

While it's not directly Jamaaliday-themed, I thought Animal Jam Stream could use a little more darkness, am I right? >:D

We could all use a little more darkness. And by darkness, I mean sleep! Zzzz...

Before we get to the news, remember when AJHQ accidentally showed pictures of future dens in a recent post? Well, apparently they realized some AJ blogs took notice to it and replaced those dens with existing ones. AJHQ, you think you can fool us? We still have SCREENSHOTS!!!

We have hard evidence, AJHQ. There's no stoppin' us!!! B)

Today's Jamaaliday gift is the Candy Cane Tie, which coincidentally goes rather nicely with the Rare Item Monday, Candy Cane Socks:

The Rare Candy Cane Socks are the same, but with a subtle difference: where the stripes would normally be white, they are instead a very light ice blue! Nice.

That's all for now, Jammers! See you in Jamaa~ :D


  1. Shoot um I know this question isn't about this post but do you know the main font of AJ? I think it's called Tiki something and it's really expensive. Someone asked me and I'm not sure what it is ;---;
    pls hlp ~jhana
    please help

    1. Actually, the Tiki Island font is completely free! It's the chunky looking font that I use for my header.

      The main font for Animal Jam that's used in chat, the Jamaa Journal, game instructions, etc. is called CC Digital Delivery and is very expensive.

  2. Oops, that one comment that said lostfairy was SUPPOSED TO BE ANNOYMOUS! :O UGGHH sorry forget that random little "Tracey Dyck comment thingie... SO EMBARRASSING! :/ :( -lostfairy

    1. I won't publish it, if you want. :D

    2. You can but maybe get rid of that first one and could you change my name on the other? :P -lostfairy

    3. By get rid of the first one, you mean this Anonymous one I'm replying to, right? And I'm sorry but I can't change commenter names. D:

    4. Umm you don't have to get rid of comments. Can you just copy my earlier post in your name and then say -lostfairy at the end?? D: -lostfairy

    5. Sorry, I didn't know what you meant! Blahhhh I'm dumb. Of course I'll do that!

    6. Blahhhh your not dumb!!! Your super smart! And thanks for posting my comment! ;) -lostfairy

  3. o_o You know what's kinda funny? I went on your blog, and saw that it had an AJ background and then a little later, its nice and dark! Wah hahaha >:D Yessss, more darknessss... Heh, awesome! Those dens look splindiddly! (that is a word from a book called, "A Snicker Of Magic". It means beyond awesome.) I am really loving the nature yet sparkly look of the first one... :) I SOO FORGOT ABOUT RIM! :O Does anyone know if it was non-member? Have an awesome Christmas! Yay, today is Christmas Adam! (ya know, since its the day before Christmas Eve... And Adam came before Eve...) :P -lostfairy

    1. (just so everyone knows, I made this comment on December 23 and had some problems that Doomy fixed.) :) -lostfairy


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