Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Lots O' Homework D:

Hey Jammers! I know I said that I'd post on Monday, but school got in the way, as usual...

You know, because this is such a common occurrence I had thought that I would restrict all posting to the weekend, but I decided against it. Posting will definitely be spotty, but there are weekdays where I don't have much homework at all and will be able to post freely! I don't want to make any restrictions, despite them making things more organized.

Homework is YET AGAIN getting in the way, so I'd better go. See you in Jamaa, and may the gods of No-Homework look upon me favorably! XD


  1. Ugh I totally feel you, homework does nothing but get in the way. I wish all work could just stay at school.

    1. My old school actually stopped giving math homework and guess what? They got better test scores! I wish my new school would follow through lol

  2. I am sorry, Doomy! At least you aren't quitting AJ or this blog. That would be terrible!! I wish I could help you with your homework. Since I am homeschooled, I don't have homework... So I don't exactly know how it feels. Maybe the homework fairy godmother can come and wave her wand and turn all of your homework into a ... um... a pumpkin!!! XD

    1. Thanks so much! The thing is not that my homework is particularly difficult for me, it's just that there's so much of it! Blaaaaahhhh. I wish my homework would turn into a pumpkin. XD


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