Wednesday, May 18, 2016

New Scam To Watch Out For

Hey Jammers! If you're interested in being an author for Animal Jam Stream, click here for more info. :)

Something really cool is coming this June – Animal Jam Figurines! You may know of them already, but a YouTube video has recently been uploaded giving us all a closer look at what these upcoming toys will be like. If you'd prefer to watch the video, click here!

Or if you'd prefer to look at pictures instead...

Okay, these are straight up adorable. I'm loving that little ladybug on the koala's ear, too! Correct me if I'm wrong, but does a ladybug item already exist, or is it a preview of an item to come in the future? Hmmm... O_O

I'm loving the color, the glitter, the detailed and vibrant patterns, but I'm kinda worried that AJ will go a little overboard with the merchandise. I may be getting a little too critical here, but I hope that the material aspect of AJ (the toys) won't override what AJ's supposed to be about. Y'know, nature and making friends? 

That's kind of a worst-case scenario, so for now I'll be excited. Still, it's something to think about. :O

Moving on, y'all are probably wondering what new tricks the scammers of Jamaa have cooked up to get ahold of your pixel-y items. Because trading is tricky business as it is, I'm going to explain this new scam so you can watch out for it. 

Graphic credit to Rainbowcat1

This scam is simple and really annoying. It goes like this:

The scammer has two alternate accounts, A and B.

A puts a lot of rare items on their trade list, while B puts a random item on their trade list, usually one that's not in stores. For example, a Cheese Hat.

They both go out to the same area, typically standing close together.

A says "Trade me a Cheese Hat!" or "List for Cheese Hat!"

B says "Cheese Hat on trade!"

The Jammers surrounding would see A's trade list and would want their rares, so they would trade B to get the Cheese Hat to trade A for their rares. 

But B is not going to give away the Cheese Hat for what it's worth. B will force whoever wants the Cheese Hat to overpay their rare items. 

Once someone gives up a ton of rares for a Cheese Hat and the trade is accepted, both A and B leave. Whoever was just scammed just traded away their rare items for a Cheese Hat.

Whenever you recognize something like this going on, know that it's too good to be true. Report and block whoever's scamming, and feel free to snitch on them and yell "DONT TRADE THEM, IT'S A SCAM" to warn others.

If you're a scammer and you want to try this out, don't. You'll look like a fool and everyone will know exactly what you're doing.

That's all for now, Jammers! Stay safe in Jamaa!


  1. this scam has been around for along time i think. i got scamed once and i cryed

  2. I can't wait for these mini figures

  3. Not signed in because I am lazy...

    Doomy, if you see any graphics labeled with RanbowCat1, just put Veterinariann instead. RainbowCat1 is my old account. I switched over last summer/spring. ;)


    1. Oh wow, I didn't know! You made some really great graphics. :O


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