Sunday, May 8, 2016

Tons of New/Unreleased Items!

Hey Jammers! These last couple months before summer have been rather busy, hehe. "^_^

Due to how little time I've had to update this blog, I'm afraid to say that things like Berry the Koala and Buddy of the Month may take a little longer to get up to speed than previously thought. Don't worry, lostfairy! I'm still going to continue onto the second part of the prompt you generously gave me!

Aside from BOTM and Berry the Koala, I'm still gonna do my best to update this blog daily, no matter how spotty the schedule may be! 

As for today's daily post, I'm going to be talking about the stuff I missed from the most recent update, specifically Graham's Workshop, some new unreleased items spotted around a certain AJHQ den, along with some new items.

Let's start off small with the various new items of Jamaa's shops:

I'm so happy that the Wavy Bookshelf came back! I hope this marks the beginning of more "staple" items coming back, like Shoji Screens. ^_^

Additionally, now that the original Elf Tail Armor has come back into shops, know that when trading that their worth a lot less now.  

Now, onto the new Graham's Workshop! :)

Graham's Workshop is an adventure that was first released in August of 2015 before abruptly leaving in November. The main premise of the adventure is the same, but there is quite a wealth of new den items you can craft!

What you do in order to gain these lovely items is "craft" them. You go around the beautifully drawn map and collect the resources required to make your favorite items! You see those tags that have pictures of resources with a number? Those are how many of each resource are needed to "craft" that item.

Your inventory looks like this:

If you were around to play Graham's Workshop the first time around, your resources carried over! :D

Personally, I got my eye on the bamboo mats. My plan is to make a whole floor out of 'em. B)

 Have you recently checked out AJHQ's Spring Cottage Den? Yeah, it's FULL of unreleased items.

I hope that tiny ladybug crawling on one of the couches comes out in Jam Mart Furniture. :D

That's all for now, Jammers! Because I recently finished my school projects, I think I'll very well be able to post tomorrow!

See you in Jamaa!

– DoomyPanda


  1. Hey, I just wanted to correct you on your post! The last three "unreleased" items are from the Night of the Phantoms, the poofy rug (with the face on it) is technically released (when you see it as you receive it as a christmas gift the face is on the preview but not on the item itself), the aloe vera and fern plants are at Treetop Gardens, and the stove and the potted palm above the poofy rug have have previously been released.

    1. Thank you!!! I'll correct that. :D

    2. But one thing, the potted palm has a brown pot, whereas the already released potted palm has a green/blue pot. Do ya know if other colors were released?


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