Sunday, July 31, 2016

Glitch-flavored Smoothies

Hey Jammers! I'm really sorry about the lack in posting over the past week. I do a summer program every day which makes me really tired! Luckily, I get weekends off, so I will take this opportunity to post for you.

Have you seen the new cafe smoothie machine that's recently been released?

This item is partially interactive. Much like the Waffle Cone Display and the Pizza Box, if you click it you get a little item floating by your head.

The smoothies generated by this item look considerably different than the fruity treats you can get in Captain Melville's Juice Hut:

They're bigger than my panda, and seem to all be the same flavor: white. There's just a white abyss within that smoothie cup. Who knows, maybe it's bottomless?

Well, I went to my friend's den, which was considerably crowded. She had one of these new fangled Cafe Smoothie Machines, and so everyone was clicking them over and over again. 

Every time someone clicked it, the smoothie would float by their head, as was expected. However, have you ever wondered what happens to your digital smoothie after it disappears?

Soon enough, we found out. After each person's smoothie disappeared, they teleported over into a corner!

We just watched the glitch-flavored smoothies pile up.

At the end of my friend's party, here's what they looked like:

100 cups of smoothie on the wall, 100 cups of smoothie, take one down, pass it around... 101 cups of smoothie on the wall.

In other glitchy news, Animal Jam Stream co-author Skywatcher AJ recently learned how to turn invisible.

Me and my friend Snowflake were in the Basement of Secrets when Skywatcher showed up and said hi. Unbeknownst to her, she was invisible!

Once she realized she was invisible, she refreshed the page and everything was back to normal.

I've heard of Jammers being invisible with their name tags showing, but Sky was nowhere to be found! How strange...

That's all for now, Jammers. See you in Jamaa! :D

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

My Username in the Chat Dictionary?

Hey Jammers, happy Tuesday! Additionally, happy National Coffee Milkshake Day. Whatever that is, it sounds terrifying.

Recently, a couple of my member friends have discovered something rather interesting when sending me Jam-a-Grams.

I present to you... Exhibit A:

Can you see? If that isn't clear, then prepare yourselves for... EXHIBIT B:

My buddies who Jam-a-Grammed me my username made it clear to me that it was no glitch that they used, oh no. My username was just sitting there in the chat dictionary!!!

*gasp* What does this mean?!?!?!?

Well, I know something that happened earlier this month that may be connected. Very early in July, an update came that allowed you to say the usernames of a few well-known Jammers in restricted chat. 

Exhibit C:

I don't have restricted chat, so this morning I went to a separate account that does. Lo-and-behold, I could say my username:

Wow... AJHQ added my username to the chat dictionary. Does this mean I'm a well-known Jammer? I don't like saying "famous Jammer" because I'd kind of prefer that Jamaa had no mean, elitist celebrities, but it's strange and exciting to be recognized by AJHQ. 

What makes it even more strange is that I'm sure my blog is much less popular than the other people in the chat dictionary. I Google search "animal jam blog" and Animal Jam Stream doesn't come up for a lot of pages, but I checked and even a couple of people on the first page of the search results aren't in the chat dictionary. What's up with that?

Hmm... I may never know.

Thanks, AJHQ!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Jamaa News!

 Hey Jammers! Kimberley is back with another post after a long time. Sorry for my lack of posts, my Internet decides to act up during Summer time. Anyways, I'm here today to talk about the latest news in Jamaa. Lets start off by the brand new items that AJ has waiting for us in stores.
This is the Cafe Table, which goes well with the rest of the Cafe related items. It's weird how AJ makes sets of items in Jam Mart Furniture but rarely for Jam Mart Clothing, hmm...

Ok, my eyes literally look like that right now
This Frog Hat from Jam Mart Clothing has caught my attention, it's adorable :D I would totally get this, I suggest you guys get it because I mean who doesn't want a frog hat on their head?!

This interesting Pixelated Horse has decided to trot down Jamaa and into the Diamond Shop but managed to only fit its head. What do you guys think about this item? Looks creative!

These two items together would be perfect for Prom...
Welcome back Tuxedo and Samurai Helmet! As the high prices say, these items can be purchased in Epic Wonders if you didn't already have them. Maybe some Jammers suggested to have these items back in stock? Who knows.

Whatttttt?Why you leavin'!
Might want to purchase this fella before it leaves. I'm pretty sure this has been in AJ for awhile but AJ has decided to let it go. Nine days to get this and make yourselves a house full of these.

That's it for this post, I hope this was helpful somewhat in some way! By the way, how's your Summer going!? I'd love to know :) Farewell Jammers!!


Saturday, July 23, 2016

Jamaa Journal VOL. 177 – Sloths are Here!

Hey Jammers! Wow, it's been really hot where I am as of late. To hot to do anything but lie around... too hot for that, even. Blah. -_-

Red panda Asa of the Smithsonian National Zoo

My not posting for the past couple days is only partially due to the heat, however. I have a summer program that involves going to a lot of places, taking notes, making reports, and all that stuff. It got really busy towards the end of the week, and so I got really tired, which I hope explains my absence from this blog.

However, I got some good news! I recently learned how to put backgrounds behind individual widgets on AJ Stream's sidebars. You can probably see one of my tests to the left of this blog under the widget "Top Commenters". Its current background doesn't fit, but I'll replace it as soon as I have time. It's a step in the right direction toward an easier-to-read layout. :)

And now, time for the belated Jamaa Journal!

The much-beloved sloth is here! I was wondering how their walk animation would look, considering they spend most of their time in the treetops. It looks pretty average for a Jamaa animal, only a little slower. 

The way they sit is so adorable:

In my humble honest opinion, these are the best AJ animals released in 2016. Their design is adorable and original and they seem to look a little more realistic than say, the lynx. 

AJ animals have gone in a less realistic direction lately, and I hope that this sloth is the small, slow step back towards more realism. For example, the AJ lynx cats look next to nothing like actual lynx, which was quite a big disappointment for me, and the rest of Jamaa I think.

Additionally, like all new animals, sloths get a little glitchy when they wear certain items:

Sloth with a single sword item.
Sloth with a skeleton suit.
Let's give a warm welcome to the new sloths of Jamaa!

Hummingbirds have returned to Jamaa, and there's a new outfit set in the Diamond Shop. Nice!

The Jamaalidays in July have come! 

You know another summer party that may show up soon? The Beta Party, that's what! Hopefully this time around they actually release the elusive Beta Panda Banner

Collect your bamboo, straw, stone, gold, and gemstone-crafted things before time is up in a few weeks!

If you want to ruin hide and seek in dens, turn on the play icons whenever you're in a den to see exactly where people are hidden.

Cheetahs have left, but kangaroos are soon to return!

And finally, some fun facts about sloths! 

AJHQ apparently adopted a sloth from a sanctuary in Costa Rica. In terms of animal zoos and sanctuaries, to "adopt" doesn't mean to keep an animal, but to sponsor their care through donations used to purchase food and maintain a beautiful habitat. Isn't that wonderful?

Many sanctuaries actually have options for you to do this yourself! On a smaller scale, of course. The Smithsonian National Zoo has this option called "Adopt a Species" detailed on their website:

For the Smithsonian National Zoo, you can receive cool gifts for donating different amounts. Cool, huh?

In other news, a new themed item set has appeared in Jam Mart Furniture: the cafe set! 

Additionally, here are all the items on clearance I could find today:

That's all for now, Jammers. What can you do to preserve the world's beauty? :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Nonmember Music Track – "Club Geoz"

Hey Jammers! A happy little update here about the rumored nonmember music track. 

It turns out, that yes, the music track "Club Geoz" is NONMEMBER!

(Image from this YouTube video)

See, no member's only lock!

If you're curious as to what this music track sounds like, go inside Club Geoz in Jamaa Township to find out. :D

This music track is available through codes provided within the Club Geoz toy set:

These codes vary within each package, so it's not possible to find out a specific code without buying the package yourself.

In other, more blog-related news, I'm going to try and update Animal Jam Stream's layout so it's a little easier to read, which will result in some tests that may not be too visually appealing. Bear with me, guys!

That's all for now, Jammers. See you in Jamaa!

Monday, July 18, 2016

New Codes, Pets, + NONMEMBER MUSIC?

Hey Jammers, DoomyPanda here! Today we're gonna talk about some new codes (all 500 gems each, strangely O_O), and the new pets that you can get exclusively with codes from AJ pet merchandise.

Here are the codes:

phantoms – 500 gems
arctic – 500 gems
explore – 500 gems
birthday – 500 gems
NGKAJ17 – 500 gems
party – 500 gems
llamas – 500 gems

If you do each code all together, you'll get 3,500 gems! That's enough for approximately 77 necklaces, or one item from Epic Wonders. Ah... Epic Wonders. So expensive, so pretty.

When I first made an account on AJ, I was teleported to Coral Canyons. The first game I played was Long Shot, and the first room I went into was Epic Wonders. I loved Epic Wonders from the start! Minus the expensive items, I love the wall carvings and how everything is comfortably dark but still seems to softly glow. 

Fun fact: my panda's current outfit is my first. Basically, swirly lavender patterns, blue eyes, and a blue necklace. Pretty simple.

Onto the next part of this post: the new merchandise pets! All of the images posted below are from this YouTube video





Praying mantis!

These pets are available through unique codes within Animal Jam adopt-a-pet merchandise. I knew some new pets would come from all this merchandise!

As I haven't bought any Animal Jam merchandise packs yet, the only way for me to really update on them is to steal news from other sources. By steal, I mean take-information-but-give-credit, but it wasn't me from which the information was sourced. 

The next segment of this post will contain as much as I know about a new rumored music for nonmembers to play in their dens. Information credit to this YouTube video.

Like the new pets, this music track entitled "Club Geoz" is a gift you can receive through merchandise codes. The actual soundtrack for Club Geoz is called "Jammer Anthem", so it can be assumed that this track will sound different. Maybe it'll be completely new! 

...But before you jump for joy, know that this may not be all it seems. 

The music isn't actually played in the YouTube video for some reason, nor was the item icon shown that would actually determine if whether "Club Geoz" is nonmember or not. I can't find anything else about it on the internet, so things are looking shady! 

In conclusion, we may or may not have a new music track with the potential to make nonmember parties more fun.

And now, here's my interesting fact of the day: 

You know how plants eat carbon dioxide and produce oxygen for us to breathe, right? Well, Azolla is an ancient kind of fernlike algae with such an amazing ability to absorb carbon dioxide that it helped cause multiple ice ages. 

Carbon dioxide is what the Earth's atmosphere is partially made of. It acts as a blanket and keeps Earth warm from the cold of space!

Azolla ate up so much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere that Earth's protective blanket thinned and the Earth cooled into an ice age.

Right now, scientists are thinking of ways to grow Azolla in large numbers to try and combat the amount of carbon dioxide that's heating up the atmosphere too much. Great idea, huh?

That's all for now, Jammers. Do your part to make the beautiful world we live in a better place! <3

See you in Jamaa~

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