Thursday, July 7, 2016

Jamaa Journal Update & New items in Jamaa!

Hey Jammers! Kimberley here back with another post. This post regards the Jamaa Journal update and the new items in Jamaa. So without further interruptions let's get started.

First off we have the Jamaa Journal update!
More cuteness overload!
Pet goats are in Jamaa!What do you guys think of these new pets, they're pretty adorable if you ask me.

Those monkeys look pretty cool :O
The monkeys only party is back in session, I'm pretty sure there was already a monkeys only party but since new parties had come to Jamaa they had to take away a few, I want the bunnies only party to come back to Jamaa though :( Freedom items, get em' before they're gone! By the way,  happy late Fourth of July for those who celebrated!

"My Preciousss!!" Do you know where that phrase is from? Comment below!
This is the weekly sale for getting an Arctic Fox for only 5 diamonds! Seems legit.

Awwwwwwww! c:
Guys, guys, guys! Sloths are coming to Jamaa soon, I CANNOT WAIT! Even though I'm a NM I'm pretty excited, are you guys excited for Sloths as well?

Fastest land animals in THE WORLD, the WORLD guys, the WORLD!
Cheetahs gotta go run off to travel Jammers. Get them before July 21st! I'm pretty sure they need to make space for the Sloths, so we're gonna have to say goodbye to the Cheetahs for now.

That's it for the updates, what did you guys think of the update? I'd rate it a 7/10 for mainly the Sloths. Anyways, now onto the new items in Jamaa!

A pixelated lawn torch and a pixelated pathway
Those are the last two pixelated items that we will see in Jamaa, I thought they'd take over Jamaa!

These are ALL returning items, has AJ run out of ideas for den items? What items do you Jammers suggest to AJ? Hopefully AJ comes up with creative den ideas, but for now we're gonna have to stick with this!

The Attack Of The Paperclips
Oh no, paperclip themed items again. I don't have anything against them of course, but where is AJ getting these ideas from? Oh well, these are the paperclip earrings and it'll go well with the paperclip bracelet and necklace I guess.

That is all I have for today Jammers, I hope you found this helpful! I will see you later gators!



  1. The line is from "Lord of the Rings". XD
    Also, the goats and sloths are adorable!!! ^-^

    1. Correct!!
      And yes, I totally agree! :))


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