Friday, July 8, 2016

Legends and Theories of Jamaa

           Hey guys! Sky here. Animal Jam has a thick backstory full of legends and tales and mysteries. From our classic story of Mira and Zios to the Alpha Shamans to the Phantoms. I'd like to share with you some of my favorite ideas of our beautiful Jamaa.

A Zios must be in place when fighting Phantoms

Magic Floating Thingies
    If you have played ANY original AJ adventure, you know we respawn in these Zios floating magic thingies, when put to sleep by phantoms. I like to believe these respawning "stones" are Zios shaped because of the relation between Zios, Mira, and the Phantoms. 

What happened to Mira?

    So no one really knows what happened to our beloved Mira but, one of my favorite ideas is she is gone but her essence is still here, and it's weak from the lack of belief of us jammers. When spirit or belief is shown, her essence grows stronger. Like when you dance in Sarepia by the fire,  a Mira rises from the flames. I like to say this is because the jammers there are showing spirit and celebrating. And her essence gets strong. Also, during the Jamaalidays, there is a lot of cheer and spirit. People say Mira returns during this time so this theory supports that as well. 

The Crystal Palace 

The Crystal
    Okay so the Crystal Palace is known to some people as Mira and Zios's Palace. (With Emblems of Zios and Mira as well as Alpha statues, whose Palace would it be?) One of my favorite beliefs is this Crystal, (The large one imbeded into that tower) is actually a magic one, that protects this Palace as well as Jamaa. So there isn't much proof for this one but, it's a cool idea. 

What do you think about these ideas? Like them? Disagree? Feel free to comment down below and share any ideas you have! Sorry I only had 3. I'll try to come up with some more. Thanks for reading!


  1. These are all very interesting! I feel as though Jamaa lore is almost exclusive to Animal Jam BLOGS. I mean, I never see too many videos about this kind of stuff. Anyways, keep up the amazing posts Skywatcher!


    1. That is a fair point. I think it may be because making videos is a bit harder then just blogging, so the people have less time and wanna opt for a easier idea, like a skit or something.

    2. But, you know. This causes masses of skits and pretty much nothing else.

  2. Hmm, I haven't even thought of these! Good theories, Sky! :D


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