Tuesday, July 26, 2016

My Username in the Chat Dictionary?

Hey Jammers, happy Tuesday! Additionally, happy National Coffee Milkshake Day. Whatever that is, it sounds terrifying.

Recently, a couple of my member friends have discovered something rather interesting when sending me Jam-a-Grams.

I present to you... Exhibit A:

Can you see? If that isn't clear, then prepare yourselves for... EXHIBIT B:

My buddies who Jam-a-Grammed me my username made it clear to me that it was no glitch that they used, oh no. My username was just sitting there in the chat dictionary!!!

*gasp* What does this mean?!?!?!?

Well, I know something that happened earlier this month that may be connected. Very early in July, an update came that allowed you to say the usernames of a few well-known Jammers in restricted chat. 

Exhibit C:

I don't have restricted chat, so this morning I went to a separate account that does. Lo-and-behold, I could say my username:

Wow... AJHQ added my username to the chat dictionary. Does this mean I'm a well-known Jammer? I don't like saying "famous Jammer" because I'd kind of prefer that Jamaa had no mean, elitist celebrities, but it's strange and exciting to be recognized by AJHQ. 

What makes it even more strange is that I'm sure my blog is much less popular than the other people in the chat dictionary. I Google search "animal jam blog" and Animal Jam Stream doesn't come up for a lot of pages, but I checked and even a couple of people on the first page of the search results aren't in the chat dictionary. What's up with that?

Hmm... I may never know.

Thanks, AJHQ!


  1. Hmm.. that is kinda strange. Maybe it's by page views of each blog? Idk.

    1. You can say your name too on there!

    2. My name?! I have to go check this out!

    3. I wonder if you can say LostFairy!

    4. I tried. It didn't work. :( :P I think I am not very well known.

  2. That's so cool!!! :D (I was the one who sent the exhibit B jam-a-gram. XD)

  3. Maybe you can say all jammers name now!


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