Monday, July 18, 2016

New Codes, Pets, + NONMEMBER MUSIC?

Hey Jammers, DoomyPanda here! Today we're gonna talk about some new codes (all 500 gems each, strangely O_O), and the new pets that you can get exclusively with codes from AJ pet merchandise.

Here are the codes:

phantoms – 500 gems
arctic – 500 gems
explore – 500 gems
birthday – 500 gems
NGKAJ17 – 500 gems
party – 500 gems
llamas – 500 gems

If you do each code all together, you'll get 3,500 gems! That's enough for approximately 77 necklaces, or one item from Epic Wonders. Ah... Epic Wonders. So expensive, so pretty.

When I first made an account on AJ, I was teleported to Coral Canyons. The first game I played was Long Shot, and the first room I went into was Epic Wonders. I loved Epic Wonders from the start! Minus the expensive items, I love the wall carvings and how everything is comfortably dark but still seems to softly glow. 

Fun fact: my panda's current outfit is my first. Basically, swirly lavender patterns, blue eyes, and a blue necklace. Pretty simple.

Onto the next part of this post: the new merchandise pets! All of the images posted below are from this YouTube video





Praying mantis!

These pets are available through unique codes within Animal Jam adopt-a-pet merchandise. I knew some new pets would come from all this merchandise!

As I haven't bought any Animal Jam merchandise packs yet, the only way for me to really update on them is to steal news from other sources. By steal, I mean take-information-but-give-credit, but it wasn't me from which the information was sourced. 

The next segment of this post will contain as much as I know about a new rumored music for nonmembers to play in their dens. Information credit to this YouTube video.

Like the new pets, this music track entitled "Club Geoz" is a gift you can receive through merchandise codes. The actual soundtrack for Club Geoz is called "Jammer Anthem", so it can be assumed that this track will sound different. Maybe it'll be completely new! 

...But before you jump for joy, know that this may not be all it seems. 

The music isn't actually played in the YouTube video for some reason, nor was the item icon shown that would actually determine if whether "Club Geoz" is nonmember or not. I can't find anything else about it on the internet, so things are looking shady! 

In conclusion, we may or may not have a new music track with the potential to make nonmember parties more fun.

And now, here's my interesting fact of the day: 

You know how plants eat carbon dioxide and produce oxygen for us to breathe, right? Well, Azolla is an ancient kind of fernlike algae with such an amazing ability to absorb carbon dioxide that it helped cause multiple ice ages. 

Carbon dioxide is what the Earth's atmosphere is partially made of. It acts as a blanket and keeps Earth warm from the cold of space!

Azolla ate up so much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere that Earth's protective blanket thinned and the Earth cooled into an ice age.

Right now, scientists are thinking of ways to grow Azolla in large numbers to try and combat the amount of carbon dioxide that's heating up the atmosphere too much. Great idea, huh?

That's all for now, Jammers. Do your part to make the beautiful world we live in a better place! <3

See you in Jamaa~


  1. Since I'm nm now, the music is great news ^^. You have no idea how sick I am of the default den song!

    1. I can relate! I just recently became a member, and the first thing I did was get new music.

    2. do you know the code of getting a pet squirrel

    3. Who knows the code for a golden bunny? :o Thats my dream pet and I have been literally DYING for one!! Nobody will acceot my trades even tho my trades are fair!!

  2. Bepper made an unboxing video, and she played the music!

  3. Thx so much i could use some of these things

  4. PLEASE trade me non member den music, I'm DESPERATE for one. BTW, I'm Icecream1918

  5. im kawaii5685 im pretty rare pls buddy me im lonley : cue sad music here :


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