Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Phantom Fortress: Tips, Secrets, and Prizes!

Hey Jammers! Here's the more detailed post I promised about Jamaa's newest adventure.

I love the Phantom Fortress in particular because after such a long time full of seasonal and 2D adventures, we finally have a "real" one with the same kind of style as the original adventures, like Meet Cosmo.

In fact, even a few of the same characters:

Remember Eden? I think this koala was trapped in a phantom cavern in Meet Cosmo. 

The overall goal of this adventure is to make sure the phantoms don't move their mobile fortress because it leaves giant "footprints" of destroyed land in its wake:

Additionally, if you manage to unlock the secret room, you learn something interesting about the phantoms' plans regarding their fortress... they plan to land it right in the middle of Jamaa Township!

Obviously, that has to be stopped. So what do you do? 

You play this adventure, of course.

The Phantom Fortress consists of a few "stages" that you have to go through. 

Stage 1 – Find and post Sir Gilbert's different colored banners to their corresponding poles

The phantoms around a black banner pole drop a white banner.

There are 4 banner poles in 4 sections of the meadow, each surrounded by around 4 phantoms. In order to get the banners, you need to lure each phantom to a live chomper plant or a mechanical chomper plant. Once all 4 phantoms in a section are defeated, they will drop a banner for you to pick up. That banner probably won't correspond with the closest pole, so you'll need to move between areas a lot to match the right banner to the right pole. 

*TIP: Explore the secret paths through the forest trees. You'll know where the entrances to the paths are when you get close to a section of trees and the "hidden room" adventure music plays. Explore the trees to find treasure chests of gems and even secret items!*

Stage 2 – Disable the fortress "legs". Go west of the battleground to find Cosmo and his plant friends holding the first fortress leg in place. The plants will help you up to the control area of each leg if you water their buds! Conveniently, you can fill a water can in the puddles of destroyed land by each leg.

Once you reach the top, link up a circuit from the power source to the self-destruct lever using the lines:

It's a lot like the game Overflow in Crystal Sands.

*TIP: Avoid the squares on the floor when an electric charge is passing through them!*

Once you pull the lever, the computer will explode, giving you access to a couple paths. Look around them until you see a plant vine, then go down that vine to the next leg.

*And because the final two legs introduce metal panels that you need to break down to get past, here's another TIP: Wear a glove on this adventure!*

After you break down the second leg, you can explore some of the area:

A little below the cages, there's a circuit that appears to unlock a door.

If you complete the circuit as normal, the door opens, but you can't enter it. There's a treasure chest, though, that gives you a few gems.

But if you complete the secret configuration on the circuit, you unlock another gate to a secret room:

More information on this room and the stuff you can get from it is in this linked post.

After you disable all three legs, you can go back up to rescue the prisoners.

The prizes for completing the adventure go as follows:

Top Left Treasure Box

Top Center Treasure Box

Top Right Treasure Box

Bottom Left Treasure Box

Bottom Right Treasure Box

The all-animal hidden prizes go as follows:

Can sometimes be found in the meadow.

Can sometimes be found in the meadow.

Can be found in the secret room.

The prizes found behind one-animal-only areas go as follows:

Tigers Only area

Arctic Wolves Only area

Bunnies Only area

Wolves Only Area

There also exists a Sheep Only area, but because sheep aren't released yet, you can't go in. Once you can become a sheep, go on over there and see what's up!

That's all for now, Jammers. Happy adventuring!
~ DoomyPanda

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