Saturday, April 8, 2017

Big Contest Coming Soon + Masterpiece #7

Hey Jammers! Here I am, back again as promised. My tests are all done and I finished a big school project early, so I have plenty of time to post for you! 

I guess the thing due the most would be the winner of the (bi)weekly masterpiece contest. I apologize that they will not be the complete star of this post as they normally are, because I have a few other things to talk about lower down.

The amazing winner is...




The artist drew a beautifully complex rendition of a rose, each petal with natural shine and shade. The pure black background and the simplistic frame choice contrasts dramatically with the vibrant rose! It draws your attention straight into the heart of its petals.

Excellent work, Arcticstar8404! I'm so happy to put this on my blog. :)

Over in Jamaa, we have yet another "wild weekend" over in the Diamond Shop:

These phantom-themed items will be around 'till Monday. If you care enough, make time to buy these for your den, I guess.

In blog-related news, I have a few ideas that I want your input on.

First of all, I have an idea for a new contest. You know how much I liked the Spring Egg Hunt a few years back? Well, I think I wanna try to bring it back through a contest on this blog! Here's how it could go:

I would make a riddle scavenger hunt for Jamaa's lands based on the animals that live there. There would be one riddle per day in a series of posts. Whoever answers the most riddles correctly in the end would win a custom Masterpiece!

I might start this contest as soon as tomorrow. What do you think? 

The next few things I wanna talk about are a little less dramatic, just changes to the blog's layout.

I checked AJ Stream this morning and found that the little "Reactions" widget at the bottom of each post does not work anymore. It's a pretty small thing that you probably haven't even noticed yet, but I've had it on the blog since the beginning so it's just a stupid thing I have a soft spot for. I'm gonna see what the issue is with it and if I can fix it.

For a long time, I've been meaning to put backgrounds on sidebar stuff (polls, for instance) and I will try to get to that by Spring break, or next Friday.

I guess that's it for today, but you'll be hearing from me tomorrow! 

Tell me, what do you think about my new contest idea?

See you in Jamaa!

~ DoomyPanda


  1. Thank you so much for the feature and the kind words!

    I like the idea of a riddle scavenger hunt - it's creative, and I think it would be fun!

    I feel like AJHQ has been adding a lot of diamond items lately. It would be nicer if they could release more seasonal items that all Jammers could buy. I suppose it makes sense that they're trying to add some rare and exclusive items into the AJ item pool, but I still wish it weren't so "diamond focused" (if that makes any sense XD)

    - Arctic

    1. No, thank YOU for sharing such lovely artwork! :D

      I'm glad you think a scavenger hunt would be fun! I'm going to publish a post with more details soon. :)

      I gotta agree with you on the Diamond Items. Personally, I think we could totally do without the Diamond Shop altogether! But that's just my opinion. However, I've always thought that the shiny diamond logo on items made them feel less rare, even the "rare" logo made them seem that way, too. It's probably just with me, though, because for the majority of the time I've played AJ, items from beta testing were heralded as being the rarest. Items from beta all shared these characteristics: earthy natural colors, typically nonmember, and seemingly completely ignored by AJHQ. When "rare" stamps were put on items, they seemed less rare because it was like AJHQ was acknowledging them. That probably sounds super weird, but that was the consensus for a bunch of years.

      Thanks so much for your insightful comment, Arcticstar!

  2. My name may have Anoymous but.. How do you get in? I would like to enter to add a masterpiece! I just gotta make it.... Um yeah! My name is minigirl121 in Animal Jam just say ya know. (。◕‿‿◕。)

    1. I meant to say so... Sorry (>ლ)

    2. Let me rephrase all of that... My name may be Anonymous but.. How do you get in? I would like to enter a masterpiece! I just gotta make one... Um yeah! My name is minigirl121 in Animal Jam just so ya know. (。◕‿‿◕。)

    3. It's totally fine! That's an easy typo to make, no one's blaming ya :D

      I'm really happy you're interested in the biweekly masterpiece contest! Every two weeks, a new masterpiece is chosen and featured on the blog. I normally include entering instructions in every winner post, but I neglected to this time because I was lazy. ^^;

      Here's how to enter:

      Step 1: Display a Masterpiece you made in an unlocked den or on an unlocked Jammer Wall.
      Step 2: Comment your username on any post on this blog!

      So you've already done step 2, minigirl121! It's totally fine if you don't have a masterpiece done yet. If you'd like to enter Round #8, you got until... April 16th! And even if you don't finish your art by then, you can always enter the next round. :D

      I look forward to seeing your art!!!!

    4. I finished! It just has to be viewed my AJHQ.. But within maybe by Friday. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

  3. Welp, Its ready. I left it in my painting den, So you'll see art stuff. Its above my Painter's Easel. So even if I don't win, I'm glad I entered. 。◕‿◕。

  4. Have ya checked it yet? Sorry.. I just am wondering... -minigirl121

    1. Yes I have! Sorry the Masterpiece contest is so late, I'm gonna be working on it soon. :)


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