Monday, April 10, 2017

Riddle Contest Day 1: Sarepia Forest!

Hey Jammers! Welcome to Day One of Animal Jam Stream's Journey Book Riddle Contest. 

Throughout this contest, we'll be hiking all over Jamaa's lands and solving riddles to figure out the identities of some Journey Book animals. Whoever guesses most riddles correctly will win a custom Masterpiece!

We're starting off our journey in the beloved and mysterious Sarepia Forest, the leafy home of the magic fire pit, the Flag Shop, and many, many clans.

(If you'd like to skip the story and get straight to the riddle, scroll down to the bottom of this post until you see the big bold letters.)

You enter the natural woodland clearing through the Township path. As you look around and take in the atmosphere, you think to yourself how apart this place is from the lively noise of Jamaa Township. But this forest is full of life, too, in its own quiet way...

You are about to sit down before the warm fire pit when you notice a sudden movement about the flames. You look a little closer, keeping a safe distance from the embers, of course. The fire is still for a moment, and you begin to wonder if your eyes are just playing tricks on you--

And a six-legged salamander springs up from the flames!

"Hey there, adventurer! I'm a magic salamander! What brings you to Sarepia Forest?" asks the salamander, hovering above the fire. 

You can't believe your eyes! A six-legged flying salamander who's resistant to fire! For a moment, all you can do is silently gawk.

"Hey buddy, you okay?" the red-spotted salamander asks, turning quizzically.

You manage to break out of your stupor enough to awkwardly cough out a few words. "Uh... yeah. I'm good. It's just.... six legs!"

The salamander shrugged midair. "I guess it's just not every day that you see a magic salamander. Hey, I have a riddle I've been working on! Wanna try to solve it?"

"Sure! Riddles are fun," you reply, your eyes lighting up with wonder.

The salamander smiles happily. "Here goes!" he says, and tells you the riddle:

"Out of all the creatures in Sarepia Forest, who has gills but does not swim?"

HINT: Look in your Journey Book!

*Comment your AJ username, your answer to the riddle, and what you would like me to draw in a Masterpiece for you if you win!*

Thanks for entering Day One! Tomorrow, we will visit the snowy peaks of Mt. Shiveer! :D

~ DoomyPanda

EDIT: Once you post your comment and you see a message pop up like "Your message needs to be approved by a moderator", that's totally fine! I turned on comment moderation for the duration of this contest so people won't copy off each other's answers and make the game less fun. 

Just to repeat, I see your comments! I'll just make them publicly visible after the contest is complete. :)


  1. AJ Username: Jammer187rvg
    Answer to the riddle: Mushroom :P
    Masterpiece: if you can, this: but if not, anything is fine! Maybe a black cat with yellow eyes? c:

  2. lightlavander is it the snails?
    My character when they were snow leopard (will send pics if I win)

  3. Mayathepug123
    A masterpiece of my Main look on AJ c:

  4. Great post, love the idea!

    Hmm... Gills... Does not swim... What has gills...

    I'm gonna go with mushrooms! Mushrooms have those gill things under their caps, right? Right? Well, I'm going to go with my answer there, haha!

    Okay, my username is: Arcticstar8404
    My answer is: Mushrooms
    Masterpiece: Hmm... Maybe my raccoon (Elm Rainyraccoon) adventuring through Sarepia Forest... Ooh, with phantoms lurking ominously in the background! XD

    Great post, once again. Can't wait to journey to Mt Shiveer tomorrow!

    - Arctic

  5. Mushroom?
    ~ theoneamaterasu
    If I win could ya draw my main look? It's the black and white Arctic wolf with a fedora.

  6. Username: Cherrywookie
    Guess: Hmmm...could it be a mushroom?
    Draw: If I won, I would love an orange red wolf (with red eyes, a yellow halo, and wings) laying on a cloud while eating an apple (very specific, sorry! ;-;).

    Thanks for the chance. <3

  7. 1. username: bucolic
    2. a mushroom!
    3. a fox and a raccoon together? I feel that'd be cute!

  8. Username: pørcupine
    answer: mushrooms
    Masterpiece request: a mouse eating cheese

  9. Username: Sarahkey8
    Cheetah cub

  10. Oh man, I am probably too late... But ummm, lemme try...

    User: Lostfaiy
    Guess: Mushroom
    Masterpiece: Maybe a panda, like your other panda masterpiece? :D

  11. The snail! -Nuclearwolfy

    If I were to win I'd like a nature masterpiece for my boyfriend. c:

  12. Hi DoomyPanda! I like your idea of a riddle contest. Is the answer to riddle #1 a snail? Oh yes and if I'm right I don't really care what the masterpiece is as long as it's of an animal. Thanks!
    P.s my user name is iluvsnowdrop. (:


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