Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Riddle Contest Day 2: Mt. Shiveer!

Hey Jammers! Thank you everyone for entering in Day One of Animal Jam Stream's riddle contest, and I hope you're prepared for a fun Day Two! (ᵔᴥᵔ)

If you're new to the party, here's what this Riddle Contest is all about: Every day of the contest will focus on one land in Jamaa. There will be a riddle about one animal from that land's Journey Book, and it will be your job to guess which one it is!

Whoever answers the most riddles correctly will win a FREE CUSTOM MASTERPIECE

It would be in your best interest to answer every riddle to give you a better chance. Even if you haven't answered the Sarepia riddle yet, you can answer it any time up until the end of the contest on April 20th.

NOTICE: There seems to have been some confusion about the commenting that I just wanna clear up: If you post your comment and a message pops up saying something like "Your comment needs to be approved by a moderator", that's totally fine! The reason why you got that message is that I turned on comment moderation for this contest so people won't copy off each other's answers. I can see all your comments and I will publish them once the contest is over!

I saw all your answers to the Sarepia Forest riddle, and a good majority of you got it right! Well get ready to enter Level 2, because this next one will be a little harder.

Our journey now brings us to the snowy peaks of Mt. Shiveer...

(If you'd like to skip the short story and get straight to the riddle, scroll down to the bottom of this post until you see the big bold letters.)

After bidding farewell to the magic salamander, you pass through Sarepia's canopies into cold tundra. You instantly begin shivering.
You consider going into the Hot Cocoa Hut and calling it a day, but the curiosity of adventure pushes you on. 

You walk across snow, ice, and permafrost. Your eyes linger on the mysterious ice cave, but alas, it was blocked up. Maybe one day, its secrets would be revealed...

Searching high and low for discovery, hiking as far you could go up the mountain, you become more and more aware of how cold you are. The Hot Cocoa Hut looks more and more inviting. 

'I don't know how long I can go on without freezing...' you think to yourself bitterly. 

Before you turn around, you come across a large stone cave entrance with unusually warm air wafting out from inside. You notice small sign with an image of the Crystal Sands juice hut pointed into the cave's depths.

'Of course! I can skip Mt. Shiveer and continue my adventure in the comfortable warmth of Crystal Sands!' 

You're just about to run right into the cave when you notice the large, heavy boulder blocking the entrance. 

You sigh, defeated. "Aww, I guess I can't get through."

All of a sudden, three voices echo out in unison from behind the boulder! 

"Are you a hunter?" 

You're taken aback. You thought you were alone. "W-what?"

"WE'LL ASK YOU AGAIN, ARE YOU A HUNTER?" The voices called back louder.

"Heavens, no! I'm just a very cold explorer trying to make their way through the tunnel to Crystal Sands," you explain, teeth chattering. "Could you by chance move this boulder out of the way so that I may pass?"

It is quiet for a moment. You think you hear the voices behind the rock whispering.

"Fine. You may pass, but only if you can guess what we are from a single riddle." 

"What's your riddle?" you ask, shivering as a particularly harsh wind blows by.

One voice tells you:

"I am blue and green. My friend here is brown and white. My other friend is red. What are we?"

HINT: Look in your Journey Book!

*Comment your AJ username, your answer to the riddle, and what you would like me to draw in a Masterpiece for you if you win!*

Thanks for entering Day 2 of Animal Jam Stream's Riddle Contest! I'm super happy with it so far, and can't wait until tomorrow when we begin our exploration of Crystal Sands!

Until then, see you in Jamaa! :D



  1. Oooh, another one! :D

    User: Lostfairy
    Guess: Himalayan Poppy
    Masterpiece: A panda one :)

  2. Great post!

    Oh my goodness, I actually have no clue. Riddles really aren't my thing, haha!

    I'm going to go with my gut, even though my answer doesn't make the most sense!

    Username: Arcticstar8404
    Answer: ...Plants??
    Masterpiece: Probably my raccoon (Elm Rainyraccoon) adventuring in Sarepia Forest. Maybe with a couple phantoms lurking in the background!

    Great post, as always. Can't wait 'til tomorrow!

    - Arctic

  3. Cherrywookie is here again!

    Hmmm...unless it is a plant, I guess it could be the partridge? Yes, that will be my guess. The partridge...in a pear tree.

    I do believe this is what I stated...an orange-red wolf with red eyes? The one on a cloud eating an apple? Pretty sure that is what I stated last time, but I am unsure...

  4. Hi Doomy! Just wondering, when does this end? Because this Thursday I'm going on vacation, and coming back on Monday, and I don't wanna miss all of this D:

    When I get back from vacation could I comment my answers for the previous riddles? (or JAG them to you)

    1. It ends on April 20th, so I think you have enough time! And you can definitely answer any riddles, current or previous, until April 20th. There will be 11 riddles in total!

  5. Username: Sarahkey8
    And a partrige in a pear treeee! The answer is a Partrige :)
    And for the mp, Cheetah cub, with a savanna backround

  6. I am minigirl21 ( I entered in the Masterpiece Contest) and.. I missed the last one BUT.. Im answering this one. A Himlayan Poppy, Hawk moth or Himlayan Tahr, and the Red Panda. The masterpiece I would like you to draw a dog. If you know how to draw a German Shepherd mixed with a Golden Retriever that would be great! P.S I wanted a masterpiece based my dog. Its a she by the way.

  7. Doomypanda, do you know anything about 'Duping?'
    P.S Can you buddy me and give me a spike?

    1. Duping is short for "duplicating" and it is also a word meaning "to trick or deceive." Some hackers duplicate AJ items using illegal methods in order to acquire more trading fodder or just to show off. Duplicating a rare item consequently makes it less rare because introducing 50 duped items into the AJ trading pool acts as a kind of inflation. Duping is the reason why many rare items are going down in demand right now. Don't do it, it's illegal and if you get in trouble for it you could risk a lot later in life, too.

      And no, I will not give you a spike.

  8. Ahh!! I realized a day late that my answer for this was totally wrong!

    I wonder if I'll be able to correct my answer...

    I think the answer is : A Partridge!

    I initially said plants, which was totally wrong. I hope I can take back my old answer and put this one instead! If not, I completely understand!

    My (new) answer: Partridge
    My username: Arcticstar8404
    Masterpiece: I think I'd like my masterpiece to be of my raccoon (Elm Rainyraccoon) adventuring through Sarepia forest with some phantoms lurking in the background

    Sorry again for the inconvenience, I only just realized what the answer was!

    - Arctic

  9. Himalayan poppy! -Nuclearwolfy

    If I were to win I'd like a nature masterpiece for my boyfriend. c:


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