Sunday, April 2, 2017

Why River Race was Rereleased

Hey Jammers! I meant to make this post yesterday until I got distracted. That's why I'm writing it today!!!

Yesterday was April Fools Day, so a new wacky item was introduced to celebrate.

You can't tell from the image, but this nonmember item glows all the colors of the rainbow. As you can see, I can't make GIFs.

It's really cool looking, so go pick one up by Wednesday! It'll be gone by then!

You're probably wondering about the "rare items" of yesterday and today. Here are both days:



As you can see, both are Diamond items. But only one is named using outdated internet slang.

Still, it's a pretty cute item. It reminds me of this tiny green hat my little brother used to wear for fun. C:

Here's the size comparison between the tiny top hat and the normal top hat:

See the difference? Very tiny.

Relating to the Diamond Shop, now all nonmember versions of The Claw are being sold, along with two member ones, and an unexpected return of a beloved game:

River Race has returned to the Diamond Shop after being gone– from both the Sol Arcade and Jamaa Township –for years? 

The purchasable game was considered very rare until now, leading to the dismay of many Jammers who now have one less piece of trading fodder. 

I don't share that point of view, but I think that AJHQ could have put the River Race game icon back by the boat in Jamaa Township instead. That way, people could more easily play the game again and the River Race game item could keep the same relative worth.

It's almost inexplicable why they decided not to do that– unless there's a set goal in mind of reducing the rarity of items to prevent the desire to scam and hack. I always had that theory about AJHQ. 

For the most part, I don't even think that's a bad idea. But that might just be because I don't trade often.

What do you think about all this?

Before I go, I wanna let you know that I'll probably be announcing the winner of the biweekly Masterpiece contest tomorrow rather than today because I have a TON of homework I've been neglecting.

See you in Jamaa! :D



  1. I love the smol tophat a lot X'3

    1. I'll have to admit, it is adorable :D

  2. The smol tophat is about the same size as a normal tophat on an elephant XD

    And I don't realy care about River Race returning, I mean, nobody was willing to trade it anyways XDD




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