Saturday, January 17, 2015

Buddy of the Month – January 2015!

Hey Jammers! Since the only news today is of the new item (which is an underwater Rainbow Scaled Suit, in case you were wondering) I thought I would kick off the new year with some better updating habits and devote this post entirely to the buddy of the month!

Remember those days when I always updated Berry the Koala and Buddy of the Month on the first day of the month after? Yeah, that's going to change.

So without further derailment, I give you...

The featured buddy for January 2015!


I'm not certain that I haven't made Candylady1436 BOTM before. I checked the compilation of all the AJ Stream buddies right here and I couldn't find her, but I do have this vague memory of talking about us and our "warrior clan days" in a post. But I'll assume that it was just my imagination and repeat everything here:

Candylady1436 was one of my first friends on AJ. We were both in clans and met through an argument that she and someone else were having that I still remember now: it was nighttime where I was and in an empty Sarepia. We added each other, and she told me about a person who was being, er... mean (to say the least) about who "owns" the forest. It was a prime example of clans at the time, haha. Anyway, I helped her fend them off, she allowed me into her clan and we had many fantastic adventures together until she lost interest and we just hung out for a bit until she left AJ.

But here's the best part of the story: she came back this year!

She told me about how she's really busy with sports and stuff and how she can't come on much at all anymore, but she still does! That really made my day when I heard it.

Thanks for being my buddy all these years. <3


I have an announcement about buddy requests:

 I've realized that a no-buddy policy was a bit strict as well as useless, and I've recently slimmed down my buddy list so now I WILL be accepting requests

But to keep my buddy list slim, I've decided that in order to stay on my buddy list, you can't just have me on your buddy list for the sake of having me on your buddy list. If you don't even try to talk to me, I'll probably delete you within two weeks. >_<

I'm sorry if that was worded harshly, I just want to make room on my list for the people who are really interested in chatting. I feel like it's only fair so I hope you understand. :\

Next up, look forward to January's Berry the Koala entry! Rainbow and his feline captors have been spotted– and for once Berry and Happy have some direction in their rescue mission! But where will their new path take them?

That sounded like a cheesy blurb on the back of a book. I'm so sorry, please forgive me.

– DoomyPanda

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