Friday, July 31, 2015

Jammer Wall Free Chat Glitch

Hey Jammers! Today's post is all about how to do a popular glitch where you can post on other people's Jammer Walls– without having to go through that annoying Jam a Gram feature.

That said, you still can't type things that the regular chat filter wouldn't allow you to type, such as swears and words like "blog" or "email"

What you CAN type would include harmless things, like your favorite books as well as your username– minus numbers or x's, of course.

Be warned: this glitch can be a little hard to understand at first, so I'll go through it step by step.

Step 1:

Open up someone's Jammer Wall and type a word, any word at all. For this demonstration I chose "meow"

Step 2:

Highlight your word and click with the right side of your mouse, then choose "copy"

TIP: You have to use the menu, you can't use your keyboard.

Step 3:

Delete your word, then in it's place type as much of the word you WANT to say as you can. For this I'll be typing out my username, DoomyPanda.

Step 4:

Hit the space bar, then right click again. This time select "Paste" and the word you copied should show up.

TIP: You may need to make multiple spaces if your pasted word doesn't show up the first time.

Step 5:

Delete your pasted word and keep deleting until you reach the last letter (so-far) of the word you want to type. An autocorrect word button will show up above, click it to get...

Step 6:

Repeat steps 4 & 5 until you have all the letters in the word you want except the last. 

Step 7:

Paste in the word you copied earlier, then same as always delete all letters you don't want. This time though you do not click the autocorrect bubble. Just delete everything until you end up with the exact word you want, post it, and then...

Success! :D

How did this glitch work out for you? Do ya have any questions? Comment plz~ ^_^

DoomyPanda, signing off!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Bridal-wear Jam™ – Shop Wild!

Hey Jammers! Third post of today, woo~ :D

(If you haven't already, scroll down to read my second and third posts, the third one exploring the possibility of a new building adventure feat. some leaks.)

Okay, so like the beginning of a guided meditation I want you to get in a calm state of mind. Straighten your back and take a slow breath in. Relax, slowly exhale...

...And type "wedding" into the search bar of the Daily Explorer.

Now you'd expect nothing to come up, right? 

Think again.

Personally I was creeped out when I first read "for younger brides"
Was anyone else?

And there's even a second post under "wedding" as well:

You can click either of those full screenshots to read them up close.

And yes, these posts link to a multitude (four or five I think) of seemingly legitimate bridal wear stores. I won't advertise them nor would I encourage you to visit them because this whole thing seems weird. You may get a virus and it's just an ordinary and actually kind of ugly site, so in the end you aren't missing much.

And here's a kind of highlight from these that could get AJHQ in some, err, trouble. It's not inherently inappropriate, it's up to interpretation, but for people who won't want to see it I'm not gonna make you. :)

For the people who do, >click here for a tinypic link<.

I honestly think this was some sort of hack or hole. It said these were both published around January, but did anyone see these? Nope. As far as I know, this was just recognized today. 

I'm curious to see your thoughts on this. I'm personally afraid of AJHQ getting in trouble for this, so while this may be sort of cool, it's of our best interest to let them know so they can fix it, kay? ^___^ 

That's all for now Jammers, see you in Jamaa!

– DoomyPanda


New Building Adventure?

Hey Jammers! Second daily post of the week, woohoo! :D

I've got some pretty great stuff for you today but beforehand I have an announcement/clarification/whatever for people who live in Europe and look at this blog. There's this new thing with Blogger where every blog now automatically displays a notice saying something like "This blog collects cookies, do you consent, yadda yadda yadda..." 

If you know what cookies are, you'll know that in essence they're completely harmless and unless in special circumstances don't give anyone specific access to your history/data/etc.

Because I'm pretty sure the majority of people who read this blog are kids and may or may not know what cookies are, I'm telling you that if you're worried because you've never seen the notification at the top of my blog before, it's okay! Everything's harmless, just click "Okay, got it" and it won't show up again or give me access to anything. ^^

(It's okay, I only learned what cookies were in 7th grade.)

If you're more curious about cookies, I'd suggest you look them up because I don't want to make this post all about them, k. 

• • •

Now onto actual Jamaa news...

This is an item very similar looking to the Nonmember Bicycle. It looks to be in the same "series" as it but to be honest I've never seen it before! And now it's being released just after a completely unrelated item, the Water Pump. Weird.

My friend– who because they didn't make it, doesn't really want their name out right now –emailed me a video on YouTube made by someone called TheOneAndOnlySomething. I'm not sure if that's also their AJ username, so if you know their name please comment. 

(Okay, I hope the video is inserted and works properly. Tell me if it isn't.)

It's only a minute and 25 seconds, but I'll include screenshots of the important parts for people who can't watch this video.

This first part of the video is some images "from AJ's files" *cough* not sure if that's hacking or not *cough* that seem very much to be a part of an Adventure that may come up in the near future. Here are all of those images:

Item 1: a tree branch
Item 2: a shiny looking rock (probably silver)
Item 3: gold
Item 4: either a crystal or a diamond fragment
Item 5: A slightly cube-like rock
Item 6: A bundle of wheat
Item 7: bamboo

The images look like things that could appear in the top bar of an adventure for things you've collected. 

I'm wondering what type of adventure would require you to collect natural materials... One guess I have is a building adventure where you use the resources you collect to build things, kind of like Minecraft. That stone is also kind of cube-shaped, too, so it looks like something you could potentially build with. Maybe this adventure could feature the Graham because he builds things a lot? 

What would that be like? I'm so excited! :D

Now the next part of the video– two future small adjustments to the game:

Thank you, TheOneAndOnlySomething for your video! :D

Comment what you think about this... would a building adventure be possible? What do you think the new animal will be, if any? And how do you feel about the possible new game interface? Comment!

Speaking of comments...

• • •

I think I'm going to stop moderating comments so it's easier for you to post them! I did this a while ago and while it did get out of hand with some swearing, I think I'm up for another round. 

If anyone's against this and don't want to see swearing or anything like that, I won't do it. :)

– DoomyPanda

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Water Pump

Hey Jammers! I'm recovering okay, but I'll have to say that daily posting will actually be spotty and more difficult for me while I'm in crutches. I'm not actually as I said going to be "glued to my computer", but more or less glued to my bed instead. My computer is in the other room, I hurt, etc... :\

But in like a couple weeks I'll be fine to post daily! It's just hard to right now. I'll try my best, but yeah...

Anyway, the new item of today is one that I actually like a lot, despite it being member's only: the water pump! ^^

If you click on the handle it pours water into the bucket. I wish I could buy this so bad. :\

I'm sorry I don't have much else to say today because my leg is hurting and I need to go to sleep, but I'll try my absolute best to keep posting daily through my recovery even though it will be less than my normal quality. I still love this blog!!! I'm not dead!!! 

So, that's all for now! See you in Jamaa~ :)

– DoomyPanda

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Bounce House Update

Hey Jammers! The heatwave where I am is thankfully over, so I'm more willing to post. Bad news is, I'm getting surgery tomorrow and won't be able to post. I can't reschedule, sorry. :\

Anyway, because I want you to pay attention to ME!, I recently switched up my den.

You may be wondering why there's a second screenshot, or maybe you're wondering which one is uglier. Here's the answer: I tried to base my den off of my den from 2012. I didn't have any screenshots on hand, so I looked to the back pages of my blog from the very first month and found this picture of one of my den glitches! It showed enough for me to start remembering, so I used what I had to recreate it. 

My den's always unlocked, so you can go look at this eyesore in person! :)

And now, the weather–

We kick off the last update of July with the Bounce House den now being sold in the Diamond Shop for the exceptionally low price of 5 diamonds plus a membership! It's like a replica of the Bounce House party– minus the shops, of course.

Starting tomorrow the yearly Jamaaliday Jam "glitch" during the summer is going to happen for a couple days! This has always happened every summer as a glitch, but now AJHQ is recognizing it in the Jamaa Journal. I wonder if there will be some new items...

No new Battle for the Beacon prizes. Just a warning that soon the adventure will be over! :0

There aren't any new Summer Carnival items today, just to clarify. But it's good to know more are to come~ ^_^

Also, a farewell to the traveling hyenas! We will meet again. c:

Aaaaaaannnd, this Jamaa Journal closes with an advertisement about the new pet ferrets.

All in all I think this update was pretty okay... Could have had more stuff, but at least we got an update at all. C:

...But that's not all! There's one minor change to the game icon that you wouldn't care about anyway:

Actually, I do kind of have a problem with it. It's just so... ugly. I know it matches the pet game icons now, but why? Ewww...

That's all for now, see you in Jamaa!

– DoomyPanda

Post coming later :D

I believe the update is today and that it will come around noon, so this is just a notice that I'll be there to post about it. :)

Monday, July 20, 2015

Heatwave Notice

Quick notice: I know I haven't been posting for the past few days, and it's for the same reason why I won't be posting for another few days– it's way too hot. I'm super uncomfortable and can't sit down long enough to make a post, and I'm sure my computer's going to give in to the heat soon enough.

So please hold on until this heatwave cools over, which will probably be in a few days. Next Monday is the absolute longest because on Friday I'm getting surgery so it may be uncomfortable for me to be out of bed– but I'll try my best to get it to work for mobile so I can lie around and blog at the same time.

See you in Jamaa... very soon! :D

– DoomyPanda

Friday, July 17, 2015

Buddy of the Month – July 2015

Hey Jammers! Here's my second post of the day. For those who don't know, Buddy of the Month is something a lot of Animal Jam blogs do (or used to do) where every month, someone on their buddy list is featured on their blog in the form of a sort of "you're cool, thanks for being my buddy" thing.

That's exactly what I do here! You can find all Buddy of the Months listed if you click "BOTM" in the links bar above. ^

I've had this blog for about three years so there's a ton in there and more to come. ^_^

Speaking of, I have a new addition right here! Thanks for being my buddy, 113457! :D

113457 has been one of the AJ friends that I always go to talk with because really, she's the physical embodiment of sunshine. She draws really beautiful art and is passionate about a large amount of things, many being webcomics. XD

Thanks for being my buddy, Mighty! I can't wait to talk to you again. :')

– DoomyPanda

Sleeping Limitation or Glitch?

Hey Jammers! I've been looking through this blog a bit and realized/remembered that I have another blog that I haven't updated in, err, quite a while... I hope all of you still remember Berry the Koala, as well as the fact that I'm supposed to update the story every month when the last time I updated was in May...

Well, I hope you can forgive me for the delay. I'm going to get surgery next week so I'll be basically glued to my computer even more than I already am. During the part of summer while I'm in crutches you can expect me to update Berry more. Again, sorry for the delay. >.<

Edit: It seems I've also neglected Buddy of the Month... Well, assume I'll update that sooner than later, too!

In lighter news, the new item of today is sold in Jam Mart Clothing: the Arm Cuffs!

Not sure why, but these remind me of Shrek. And that's exactly why I'll never consider buying them.

Yesterday, me and my friends decided to make a role-play wolf pack, just 'cuz. Often times I make fun of RP clans and wolf packs because they can get way too carried away and unfair with all the back and forth "kills you no miss" "rises from the dead no miss" "destroys an entire galaxy no miss" *cough*that can actually be kind of funny sometimes.*cough* But if you do a RP right, it can actually be really fun, minus the extra NY.

Anyways, so we were in the middle of a "fight" and I had just been "injured" so for realism I made my wolf sleep. Well, my friend happened to be maybe an inch or two away from my wolf (on screen) and hopped because I think she said something like "Pounces no miss" to the other person.

Weirdly, after a few seconds my wolf stood up on her own.

Reenactment because too much was going on at the time for me to take a screenshot.
I tried sleeping again, same result. I tried a few more times, but then I moved over a couple inches and noticed I could sleep just fine.

Then I realized...


This wasn't a glitch. AJHQ has bound to have gotten irritated feedback that players can jump on other players and that it's inappropriate, so this is my first time seeing whatever they implemented to make that impossible. Right on, I guess.

That's all for now, Jammers!

Expect a BOTM post later~ :)

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Cute Den + Item Detail

Hey Jammers! The new item of today is sold in Jam Mart Furniture. :)

In my honest opinion I think this is a bit too pricy. I'm sure if it wasn't nonmember it would be at least half this much, but that's none of my business...

As you may not know, I take screenshots of just about everything, from glitches to usernames I thought were interesting. A few days ago someone was "advertising" in Jamaa Township for something I completely forgot because the only thing I could focus on was that for a nonmember with no rares, they had a pretty nice den.

I'm not sure what it is about this corner that I think is so cute– maybe it's the color? Not sure, but maybe it'll inspire you with your own den. That just sounded all kinds of corny.

Speaking of corn– which this has nothing to do with, I found a cute detail on one of this year's Friendship Party item:

You see that?

Are you seeing this?

The heart...

The heart has a face...

A small, cute smiling face...


See you in Jamaa...


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Tags + NM Idea

Hey Jammers! So, I spent all day yesterday pouring over my template and how messy I thought it looked, and while I did make some changes (explained later!) I think that even though I'm not happy with how it is now I should probably leave it– unless of course you think it's messy, too.

So anyway, the new item of today is sold in Jam Mart Furniture! 

I'm kind of disappointed that a lot of the items in the Excavation Site turned out to be member's only, especially the cool ones. Ah well, there are always going to be more den theme polls. :\

In less news-related news (does that even make sense? o_o), I thought of a cute nonmember clothing idea while I was playing Phantom Ball:

It's so simple because it's literally only one item! I thought of this outfit/arrangement because I just got the yellow hood traded to me by a really nice bunny. Thanks, really nice bunny. I'll forever be in your debt. <3

Random thought: what if items had dumb and/or cute unneeded nicknames to describe their color? Like for example:

You could call that yellow hood just a yellow hood... but why call it something boring when you can call it a lemon merengue pie hood? A sunflower hood? A honey hood? The possibilities are as endless as the bottomless bag of my frivolousness.

Anyways, that's something I want to see on AJ in 2015. In fact, I will MAKE it happen by confusing people with "what for your strawberry shortcake heart necklace" or "those are some nice blueberry pancake ice wings" 


• • •

If you haven't already noticed, I've added a new header, a new page bar, and some... random images to the left side.

First of all, these images aren't as random as you may think they are! They're confusing because I didn't have enough space for text and I wanted to keep them because they're pretty. Aesthetic. 

What these really are are tags! Tags are added to posts on blogs and websites to group them into a specific category. So on my blog if you're looking for general advice in Adventures, you could click on the sidebar image with the desktop computer icon to be redirected to all posts with tours of adventures and new features.

Here's a quick guide to what everything is:


Glitches and tricks:

Nonmember clothing/den ideas:

Dumb stories I wrote:

AJ Street fashion (where I take screenshots of other people's animal outfits):

General tips:


And I know inevitably people are going to try to steal these, so go ahead I guess. They only took like five minutes to make anyway lol XD

I may also make a tag for transparent AJ graphics I post because I've been making a lot of those lately, too.

That's all for now, see you in Jamaa!

– DoomyPanda
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