Thursday, July 23, 2015

Bounce House Update

Hey Jammers! The heatwave where I am is thankfully over, so I'm more willing to post. Bad news is, I'm getting surgery tomorrow and won't be able to post. I can't reschedule, sorry. :\

Anyway, because I want you to pay attention to ME!, I recently switched up my den.

You may be wondering why there's a second screenshot, or maybe you're wondering which one is uglier. Here's the answer: I tried to base my den off of my den from 2012. I didn't have any screenshots on hand, so I looked to the back pages of my blog from the very first month and found this picture of one of my den glitches! It showed enough for me to start remembering, so I used what I had to recreate it. 

My den's always unlocked, so you can go look at this eyesore in person! :)

And now, the weather–

We kick off the last update of July with the Bounce House den now being sold in the Diamond Shop for the exceptionally low price of 5 diamonds plus a membership! It's like a replica of the Bounce House party– minus the shops, of course.

Starting tomorrow the yearly Jamaaliday Jam "glitch" during the summer is going to happen for a couple days! This has always happened every summer as a glitch, but now AJHQ is recognizing it in the Jamaa Journal. I wonder if there will be some new items...

No new Battle for the Beacon prizes. Just a warning that soon the adventure will be over! :0

There aren't any new Summer Carnival items today, just to clarify. But it's good to know more are to come~ ^_^

Also, a farewell to the traveling hyenas! We will meet again. c:

Aaaaaaannnd, this Jamaa Journal closes with an advertisement about the new pet ferrets.

All in all I think this update was pretty okay... Could have had more stuff, but at least we got an update at all. C:

...But that's not all! There's one minor change to the game icon that you wouldn't care about anyway:

Actually, I do kind of have a problem with it. It's just so... ugly. I know it matches the pet game icons now, but why? Ewww...

That's all for now, see you in Jamaa!

– DoomyPanda

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  1. Good luck on your surgery! I hope everything goes well! (First comment :D)


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