Friday, April 14, 2017

Riddle Contest Day 3: Crystal Sands!

Hey Jammers! I'm really sorry that this post has been late for two days in a row. On Wednesday, I genuinely had some time-consuming school work to do, but yesterday I just flat-out forgot.

However, because today is the first day of Spring Break for me (yay!!!), you can expect the remainder of this contest's posts to go by smoothly and on-time. 

If you're new to the party, here's what this Riddle Contest is all about: Every day of the contest will focus on one land in Jamaa. There will be a riddle about one animal from that land's Journey Book, and it will be your job to guess which one it is!

Whoever answers the most riddles correctly will win a FREE CUSTOM MASTERPIECE

It would be in your best interest to answer every riddle to give you a better chance. Even if you haven't answered the previous riddles yet, you can answer them any time up until the end of the contest on April 22nd.

Today, our journey through Jamaa takes us to the warm Crystal Sands...

(If you want, you can skip the story and go straight to the riddle. It's at the bottom in big bold letters.)

Walking through the tunnel, the earth beneath you transitions from permafrost to warmer and warmer soil as you feel Mt. Shiveer's icy grip begin to diminish. You gradually see the cave's exit grow brighter and you breathe a sigh of relief when you reach the end.

The land that comes into view as you peek through the opening is one of vibrant beauty. The sky is a blazing blue, decorated with billowing clouds and the tall crowns of the warm green palm trees that populate the earth. You feel almost dizzy with joy!

You happily explore the beach, running up and down the sands, observing tide pools, and sliding down slides while splashing water, just generally having a fun time.

After a long while, you stop by a shelf of rock to finally sit down and relax. The distant, sandy sound of drums seems to have a hypnotic effect on you. All you can think about is the sand, the water, and the brilliant green leaves that sway in the breeze and cast shade over your head.

You're so relaxed that it takes you more than a moment to notice the parrot who has landed next to you.

"Hello," he says, a little shyly. His red and blue plumage glistens in the sunshine.

You're a little startled to see the parrot, but happy that you now have someone to share the wonderful day with. "Hi! What's your name?" you ask. 

"I'm Azul, but you're probably a little more familiar with my friend, Captain Melville." 

You confusedly search your memory for that name, Captain Melville, until it hits you in all its obviousness. "Captain Melville's Juice Hut! That's so cool that you know him. Why do I never see him in the Juice Hut?"

Azul delicately brushes through his feathers with his beak. "He comes sometimes, but he spends most of his time on the high seas. Even though he doesn't arrive often, he knows Crystal Sands and all its denizens very well. Want to hear a riddle that Melville told me once? It's about a certain creature who lives here."

"Bring it on, I love riddles!" you reply.

Azul tells you:

"This animal dies on the shore
and lives in the sea,
he gains a growth ring each year,
but he isn't a tree."

HINT: Look in your Journey Book!!!

* Comment your AJ username, your answer to the riddle, and what you would like me to draw in a Masterpiece for you if you win! *

Thanks for participating and I hope you're ready to explore Coral Canyons tomorrow! 

~ DoomyPanda

P.S. I'll talk about the update later.


  1. I love this contest! XD

    User: Lostfairy
    Answer: Sand dollar
    Masterpiece: A panda doing something XD

  2. Great post- I really love these riddles!

    Hmm... Growth rings? Not a tree... I think I've got it!

    My answer is: A sand dollar!
    My username: Arcticstar8404
    Masterpiece: Maybe one of my raccoon (Elm Rainyraccoon) adventuring in Sarepia forest with phantoms lurking in the background!

    Can't wait for the next one!

    - Arctic

  3. Cherrywookie back again!

    Er...this one stumped me for a while. I think it is the sand dollar?

    I do not remember...I believe it was the red-orange wolf on a cloud? Something among those lines? I really need to start saving my comments. ;-; Thanks for the chance!

  4. Sanddollar ! -Nuclearwolfy

    If I were to win I'd like a nature masterpiece for my boyfriend. c:


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