Friday, April 21, 2017

Riddle Contest Day 10: Kimbara Outback!

Hey Jammers! Once again, I hope you're well-prepared for another fun day of the Riddle Contest. I can't believe it's already the 10th day... after today, we'll only have one more land to explore! ⚆_⚆

I can promise you this, however: more contests of this sort WILL come in the future!

As always, here are the rules of this contest for those who are new to the party, or those who just want to refresh their memory:

Every day of the contest will focus on one land in Jamaa. There will be a riddle about one animal from that land's Journey Book, and it will be your job to guess which one it is!

Whoever answers the most riddles correctly will win a FREE CUSTOM MASTERPIECE

Answer every riddle to give you a better chance, even if you're not sure of the answer. Even if you haven't answered the previous riddles yet, you can answer them any time up until the end of the contest on April 23rd.

Remember to pack some water, because we are about to venture into the beautiful-yet-sweltering Kimbara Outback! 

(If you want to skip the short story and get straight to the riddle, it's at the bottom in big bold letters.)

Past the relatively small plateau on which you stand, the land seems to stretch on for eternity. Endless dark green bushes stretch on and on until they gradually fade from view. 

From the top of the boulder you have managed to climb, you see the hazy image of a mesa that resides in the middle of the flat landscape, towering with the power and mystery of a fortress. It seems to be of a much higher elevation than the plateau on which you stand. You wonder what kinds of creatures reside so far away and so up high.

In this outback, you have already met the elusive tiger snake. You were so overtaken with the beauty of Kimbara that you were a little too clumsy for your own good. You drank all your water at once, leaving none for later, you tripped and fell a few times– and you almost stepped on a tiger snake! 

Luckily, the tiger snake left the situation unharmed, and you left the situation without getting bitten, but since that moment you have been careful with every step.

You marvel at the bright colors of the earth beneath your feet. The ground has been bombarded by sunlight so much that it has begun to take on the blazing color of the Sun itself. Not many animals are outside of their shaded burrows or leaves, so the outback appears initially empty, if not for the constant stir of secret life that keeps you on your toes.

A thirst begins to build that you hope won't become dehydration. You curse your wasted water bottle and you move toward the river in the middle of the plateau. Cupping cool water in your hands, you realize that this river is the reason for such a concentration of diverse life amidst miles and miles of flat desert. It makes the refreshing water in your hands seem all the more special.

Suddenly, your drinking is interrupted by an accusing voice from across the water. 

"Who drinks from my river!?"

You look in the general direction of the voice, a little startled. Your eyes lock onto a mat of thick leaves. "Who goes there? I didn't know you owned this river, isn't it for everyone?"

"Yes, it is for everyone," the voice scoffs from behind the leaves, "but only for my loyal subjects. You are not from Kimbara Outback, as evident by your reckless consumption of precious water."

"Hey, I've learned my lesson about the water, okay?" you reply, a little embarrassed, "And did you just call yourself the king of Kimbara Outback?"

The voice replies matter-of-factly, "Yes, I am. So great am I to rule over this fine land!"

"This land is fine, indeed, but can you really call yourself the born leader," you motion to the landscape around you, "of all this?"

The voice stuttered angrily, "O-of course I can! No one has already, and my subjects all love me. Isn't that right, tiger snake?"

"The king rocks!" hissed a small voice from inside a distant burrow.

You raise an eyebrow. "Ok, so you're king. What do you even do as king?"

"I just do what everyone else does, only I am declared king of all I survey," the voice proudly answers, "I also get to wear a tiny hat."

"Eh... fair enough," you shrug, "you sound like a good leader. Oh mighty king, what trials might I face in order to become one of your loyal subjects?"

The voice responds thoughtfully from behind the thicket of leaves, "Since you are not born of Kimbara, you shall complete the daunting task of... correctly answering a riddle! Then, you shall have the honor of citizenship in my fine domain."

"Bring it on!"

The king of Kimbara tell you this:

"With fine membranes of skin,
I do what you cannot.
What am I?"

HINT: Look in your Journey Book!

*Comment your AJ username, your answer to the riddle, and what you would like me to draw for you as a Masterpiece if you win!*

Sorry for the late post. I started in the morning, but then I had to go do something and finished it at night.

Get ready for tomorrow, when we will finish our adventure in the leafy green heart of The Temple of Zios! 

See you there!!! :D



  1. Username: Nidoderpgaming
    Guess: Sugar Glider?
    Masterpiece: A wolf in the snow?

  2. Username: Sarahkey8
    Answer: Frilled lizard
    Masterpice: Cheetah cub with its mother (mother just laying down, and the cheetah cub just standing next to it on all fours,) in a savanaah setting

    It doens't matter that my other answers didn't have my user right? (Please JAG me your reply)

  3. Another great riddle!

    Hmm... Membrane? I think I know what it is:

    Username: Arcticstar8404
    Answer: Frilled Lizard?
    Masterpiece: I already commented on a few other posts!

    Can't wait until tomorrow's riddle!

    - Arctic

  4. User: Lostfairy
    Guess: Frilled Lizard
    Masterpiece: a panda doing something


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