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Riddle Contest Day 11: The Lost Temple of Zios!

Happy Earth Day! Well, today is the last day of the Riddle Contest. I'm a little sad to end it– it's just been so much fun! :')

Before we begin the last leg of our journey, here is just something to clarify that a few of you have been curious about:

If you get a message saying something like "your comment is awaiting moderation" and it doesn't show up on the feed, that is totally normal! I have seen your comment– I just won't publish it until the complete end of the contest so people don't copy each other.

Here are the rules for people who are new to this contest:

As always, here are the rules of this contest for those who are new to the party, or those who just want to refresh their memory:

Every day of the contest will focus on one land in Jamaa. There will be a riddle about one animal from that land's Journey Book, and it will be your job to guess which one it is!

Whoever answers the most riddles correctly will win a FREE CUSTOM MASTERPIECE

Answer every riddle to give you a better chance, even if you're not sure of the answer. Even if you haven't answered the previous riddles yet, you can answer them any time up until the end of the contest on April 23rd.

- Link to Riddle #9
- Link to Riddle #10

Prepare to enter the dense, mysterious jungles of The Lost Temple of Zios...

The air grows more and more humid as you enter The Lost Temple of Zios. In the middle of a tall, ancient forest, The Temple of Zios is a clearing alive and active with the rattling, singing, and rustling of animals, misting through the dark leaves.

In the middle of this clearing lies the felled statue of Zios. You stand before it, pondering its age and deep significance to Jamaa. A faint blue glimmer twirls around Zios' hollow eye. Is it a trace of his magic? You wonder just how "gone" Mira and Zios truly are...

A few insects zoom past your head, some big and some small. You've found that since the beginning of your journey through Jamaa, your irrational fear of bugs has died down considerably. Now, they just seem like little fairy-animals rather than little monsters. You laugh as a dragonfly lands on your nose. They examine you thoughtfully with glimmering eyes before continuing on their way through the Temple.

You move through the misty land over to a large river. Perching on the bank, you gently twirl a stick through the surface. It's a little hot and humid– no, it's really hot and humid. Water vapor clings and puddles on every surface. The river itself is strangely cool, even this deep into the jungle...

In a moment of unrestraint, you jump straight into the river!

The cool water is a bit of a shock at first, but as you paddle across the surface you are sure that you regret nothing. It's a lot better than being humid!

You float on your back for awhile, listening to the voices of animals near and far. You think you are dreaming at one point, because you hear a voice addressing you very clearly right into your ear.

"WAKE UP!!!!!"

 You immediately jolt upwards into a sitting position, no longer in the water. "Who's there!?" you call, looking left and right.

"I'm hidden," a voice whispers, "you can't see me."

You sigh. "Why did you pull me out of the water?"

"I thought you might drown," it said matter-of-factly.

There was an awkward pause. "Oh. Well... thanks. I think I was okay, though. That was still nice of you."

All that can be heard for a minute is the song of a distant bird.

"Are you curious about what I am?" asked the voice.

You thought for a moment. 

"Who knows..." suggested the voice, "maybe I'm Zios himself."

Alright, now you were curious. "What are you?"

"You think I'll just tell you? Ha! That would ruin the mystery."

"I guess it would. Could you spare a hint, O Mysterious Voice?" you ask with mock reverence.

The voice responded a little awkwardly. "Well, yeah, but... I have a question, first."

"Sure, ask away."

"Would you... be willing to take me with you to Jamaa Township? I've always wanted to visit, but I've been afraid of getting lost. Would you guide me around?" 

You smile, "Of course! I was going to the Township anyway. I can definitely be your guide!"

"Oh, YAY! I'm so excited! Here is the hint:

"I am always looking,
keeping track,
keeping my eyes peeled"

And so, your journey through Jamaa comes to a close as you and your new friend walk through the trees into the bright Jamaa Township, knowing very well that your adventure is far from over. :)

HINT: Look in your Journey Book!

*Comment your AJ username, your answer to the riddle, and what you would like me to draw for you as a Masterpiece if you win!*

Thank you so much for making this contest so fun! You can answer all the riddles until tomorrow night.

See you in Jamaa!



  1. Cri, its pretty much done already? :( It was fun tho :')

    Wow this one is hard! Im guessing.. praying mantis?
    user: sarahkey8 (as you know XD)
    masterpiece: A cheetah cub with its mother in a savanaah setting, the mother laying down (resting) and the cheetah cub standing next to it, with kinda a eager look in its eye :)

  2. Hey DoomyPanda!!! Is it the praying mantis?
    ~ Iluvsnowdrop

  3. An excellent end to a fun contest!

    This riddle was probably one of the trickiest for me to figure out! But I think I have my answer!

    Username: Arcticstar8404
    Answer: Praying Mantis?
    Masterpiece: I previously commented it on a couple other posts!

    Can't wait to see the results- thanks for hosting such a fun event!

    - Arctic

  4. Cherrywookie has lost internet connection because the internet alphas hate me for some reason. :(

    For day 10: The sugar glider has membranes that allow them to glide. For today, I shall say the Praying Mantis...who actually have really impressive eyes.

  5. User: Lostfairy
    Guess: Praying Mantis
    Masterpiece: a panda doing something


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